Autumn-rum blues

The world has no light of different flavors. One of them is to place ethyl alcohol in a larger or smaller quantity in your warehouse. In others, the component that adds value to the product is absolutely non-existent. These characteristics themselves can be divided into alcoholic and non-alcoholic.
Members of the first group are eager to create a special atmosphere for special occasions. I would like to calm down or, despite all sorts of troubles, have fun, raise, as it seems, the mood. Especially during the hour of autumn melancholy. And it’s effective, it’s rich.

But still, we need to be careful in order to help preserve health and prevent the loss of knowledge in the fight against the “green snake.” Well, the first thing to remember is not to live the little thing above-worldly. Another golden rule is to only drink alcoholic beverages.

The collection of our company Branbar consists of such absolutely remarkable viruses. The stench has excellent characteristics. The colorful drink deserves special respect, having become popular just a century ago.

Learn about charming rum.

How it all began…

The descendants confirm that this legendary zillage first appeared in the distant 17th century. These “sweethearts” honor the slaves who worked on the majestic cane plantations that grew on one of the Caribbean islands – Barbados.

This intoxicating, sweetish masa was not thoroughly relished, but it still gave those who practiced the above-mentioned methods a sense of confusion. Creamy, rum is a miraculous disinfectant. There were hours when they were victorious in exchange for exchange, equaling the glorious trunk to gold.

Having begun its journey among the Barbadian slaves, rum rose within a century to become one of the most popular gatherings of people in the whole world. And through the secret knowledge of the Mitsinsky Zill by sea robbers, I will bring forth the glory of the “pirate”. Artistic confirmation of this can be found in literature and cinema. One of the examples is the famous film “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

What about today?

In fact, rum is produced in many countries. A wonderful collection of viruses from this line can be found on the virtual police in the Brandbar online store. It presents the visual application of this supernatural spirit, which reveals its imperfect features.

The thorough taste of Barbadoza white is excellent proof of this. Uniqueness and lack of originality are created by the piquant notes of burnt oak wood. Freshness and softness are combined in this product into a single ensemble. The color is added by the subtle and at the same time quite distinctive aroma of smoke.

The characteristic taste of rum is Barbadoza dark. I am ready to bring money from Trinidad and Tobago. Vona is a pure composition of bright, sweet tones, caramel, additional notes of spices, smoke and exotic fruits.
Other types of rum that our company promotes also impress with their bitterness and incomplete relish. Among them are EL Galipote Speced drink, EL Galipote light, EL Galipote dark. The drink is savored both as a drink and as supplemented with other ingredients. You can experiment with them again, creating overriding, hostile mixes.

Classic style

Therefore, the rum company may contain some ingredients. The simplest way is to combine it with cola. “Cuba Libre” is the name of the iconic cocktail, which includes 50 ml cream of rum, 150 ml cola and 10 ml lime juice. The rum in this composition is dark.

Preparing the mix is so easy. First you need to fill it with ice cubes and add all the ingredients there. To create a harmonious, complete taste, carefully stir the prepared sumish and garnish it with lime slices.

If you replace dark rum with light rum and add lemon syrup, you will get another popular cocktail called “Daiquiri”. Proportions for one bottle: 50 ml rum, 25 lime juice, 15 ml syrup. To prepare, you will need a shaker to thoroughly mix the syrup. Then the meat base is added – rum, as well as krizhani krichti. Once again, everything is mixed well and poured into the previously cooled kelikha.

Play and calm down

Autumn is the time to bring not only the golden leaves and the lower cobwebs that float charmingly in the gentle breeze. With her comes another cold anger, melancholy and bitterness. Autumn quietly sings its blues, powerfully burning with a dark darkness all around.

On such days, there is a miraculous way to improve your self-esteem, avoid the undead, and also brighten your mood in the presence of incredible grog. Recipes for your recipe. But experts, who know from such bets, relish the bitterness of black tea.

To prepare it, you need a tablespoon of classic black tea, a stick of sweet, spicy cinnamon and a couple of buds of tart cloves, which requires pouring 500 ml of dill. Once the flavor, spirit, or barvista has been brewed for a few minutes, add juice from half a lemon.

Once the taste has become balanced, add zuccor or honey as appropriate to the fragrant mixture. Immediately after this, 50 ml of rum is poured in there. You need to mince a few quills until all the ingredients “penetrate” one into the other and you can pour the enchanting trumpet from the pot.

Dukhmyane trio

Another popular hot drink with rum called punch is also popular. Quiet get-togethers with friends will be even more enjoyable if you prepare it for the whole company, especially with aromatic cacao and wine. This kind of food will definitely appeal to the most affluent gourmets.

So, to prepare 10 servings, you need to brew 1 liter of mycelium cava and add 375 ml of rum and another 500 ml of sweet wine. You add zukor after relish to the stocked masa. The luxurious mix is reheated and poured into the bottle.

When adding spices, you can add a few peas of cloves, hot pepper, and a dash of anise. For those who love citrus fruits, there is an option with lemon or orange zest.

Whatever recipe you choose, Brandbar will always come to your aid with its unique collection of rum. Yakisny elіtny alcohol, with precise dosing of the recipe, will visibly simmer on the right side – fill the heart of the skin with warmth and calm.

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