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SUNNY ISLAND cocktail (set of ingredients) x17

Compound 40 ml Gin 30 ml Brandbar Peach liqueur 15 ml Brandbar Elderflower syrup 50 ml Fresh Grapefruit juice* 50 ml Ginger ale

SHOT Green Hutsul (set of ingredients) x46

Stock 15ml Absinthe Brandbar Vincent Premium 0.7l 15 ml Сik limonium (do not enter the kit into the warehouse, bathe

CITRUS MAXIMUM cocktail (set of ingredients) x17

Compound Grapefruit – 40g* Gin – 40ml Liquor Brandbar Spicy Vanilla – 20ml Liguor Brandbar Creme de Cassis – 20ml *(not included in

APPLE FLAVOR cocktail (set of ingredients) x17

Compound 35ml Gin 30 ml Brandbar Green Apple liqueur 10 ml Brandbar Coconut syrup 15 ml Fresh Lime juice* 25 ml Egg

BRAVE HUNTER cocktail (set of ingredients) x14

Compound 35 ml Gin 25 ml Brandbar Rotwild liqueur 10 ml Brandbar Black Currant syrup 10 ml Brandbar Elderflower syrup 80 ml Tonic

Grapefruit Gin (set of ingredients) x20

Warehouse 50 ml Trafalgar Gin Tincture 30 ml Brandbar Pink Grapefruit Syrup 120 ml Transparent Tonic* 10 ml Lime or

Grapefruit Gin (set of ingredients) x20

Storage 50 ml Gin de La Beau Tincture 30 ml Brandbar Pink Grapefruit Syrup 120 ml Tonic transparent* 10 ml

SHOT B-52 (set of ingredients) x35

Storage Sambuca Ibiza (Ibiza) 0.7l 20ml Liqueur Brandbar Via lattea (Via Lattea) 20 ml Liqueur Brandbar Crème de Café (Coffee)

ICE VIA LATTEA cocktail (set of ingredients) x14

Storage Cream liqueur Brandbar Via lattea 50 ml Ice cubes * *(not included in the set, purchased separately)

UKRAINIAN HARVEY cocktail (set of ingredients) x15

Storage Vodka 50 ml Brandbar Spicy vanilla liqueur 15 ml Orange juice – 90 ml * *(not included in the

VODKA with SPRITE cocktail (set of ingredients) x10

Storage Vodka 50 ml Sprite 150 ml Lime 40 g * Ice cubes 180 g * *(not included in the

BLUE LAGOON cocktail (set of ingredients) x10

Storage Vodka 50 ml Curacao Blue liqueur 20 ml Sprite 150 ml Pineapple 30 g* Ice cubes 200 g* *(not

WHITE MULLED WINE cocktail (set of ingredients) x10

Compound Liqueur Brandbar Spicy Vanilla – 40ml White dry wine – 160ml Cinnamon sticks – 1pc* Carnation – 2 pcs* Mines

HERBAL WHITE cocktail (set of ingredients) x23

Compound 30ml gorilka “Ostrich”2 5ml Brandbar Rotwild liqueur 15ml Brandbar Creme de Cafe liqueur 40ml Cream 18%(shake)* *(not included in the set,

FOREVER GREEN cocktail (set of ingredients) x17

Compound 40 ml Gin 30 ml Brandbar Green Apple liqueur 10ml Brandbar Mint syrup 15 g Selery(muddle)* 15 g Lime(muddle)* 80 ml

PINATA cocktail (set of ingredients) x20

Compound 35 ml Tequila blanco 30 ml Brandbar Green Apple liqueur 10 ml Brandbar Pear syrup 5 ml Brandbar Elderflower syrup 20 ml

BRAVE HUNTER cocktail (set of ingredients) x6

Compound 35 ml Gin 25 ml Brandbar Rotwild liqueur 10 ml Brandbar Black Currant syrup 10 ml Brandbar Elderflower syrup 80 ml Tonic

RED BERRIES FIZZ cocktail (set of ingredients) x20

Compound 20 g Redcurrant 35 ml Brandbar Triple Sec liqueur 35 ml Gin 15 ml Brandbar Coconut liqueur 5ml Lime juice* 80 ml

JUICY BASIL cocktail (set of ingredients) x17

Compound 3 g Green basil* 40 ml Tequila silver 20 ml Brandbar Curacao liqueur 20 ml Brandbar Almond syrup 25 ml Lemon

Author’s alcoholic cocktails

Today, the question to drink or not to drink will not be entirely correct. Because humanity cannot answer it unequivocally for many centuries. To get an accurate answer, it is better to ask – what exactly do the guests at the party prefer or what will they drink? Various mixes, classic or ultra-modern, strong or with minimal alcohol capacity – this is what regulars of bars, clubs, and friendly gatherings choose today.

Taste preferences, which should not be disputed, are a purely personal matter. It is extremely difficult to please everyone. But there are certain solutions to this problem. And one of them is to gather a collection of essential drinks at home that you can mix to surprise your guests.

Our company Brandbar, a manufacturer of high-quality alcohol and syrups, offers to order entire sets that will allow you to prepare original cocktails at home without much effort and extra costs. In the electronic catalog you will find more than a dozen offers with a detailed description of the composition and even a recipe and cooking technology.

Each set is designed for a certain number of servings: from 6 (for a small company) to 23. By ordering such sets for exclusive mixes, you can be sure that all guests and friends will be satisfied with the “tasty rainbow” of cocktails that will be offered at the party.

What are signature cocktails?

Author’s alcoholic cocktails are not just drinks, they are creations of masters of mixology, combining taste qualities and a creative approach. They are unique combinations of spirits, fruit juices, aromatic herbs, syrups and other ingredients that create a special taste profile and impress with their aesthetics.

Although alcoholic cocktails have long been known to the world, author’s versions have become a kind of evolution in this art. Initially, cocktails appeared as combinations of standard ingredients, but over time master bartenders began to experiment with non-standard components to create something unique.
Original alcoholic cocktails differ from classic ones in that their recipes use unusual ingredients, innovative cooking techniques and extravagant serving methods. They can include elements that are not found in classic recipes, such as homemade flavored syrups, exotic fruits, liquid elixirs and other, very unexpected components.
Preparing original cocktails is a real art that requires careful attention to detail from the artist. Therefore, when selecting recipe components for new mixes, our specialists must take into account their compatibility, interaction in the mixture, and, of course, the aesthetic aspect. Also, your original cocktails will be 100% as attractive in appearance as in taste.

We draw conclusions

Author’s alcoholic cocktails have gained immense popularity among gourmets and connoisseurs of the culture of cocktail art. They became a symbol of elegance and luxury, emphasizing the individual taste and style of each person.

These drinks are a true embodiment of a creative approach to mixology, a unique combination of flavors and aromas that turn into real masterpieces. They open new horizons for fans of cocktail culture and leave unforgettable impressions, turning every cocktail experience into a unique journey into the world of taste pleasure.
Author’s cocktails are often served in the original, with additional decorations or ice. Presentation plays an important role in creating an impression.

In general, this is an opportunity to try something new, unusual and special. Original mixes always impress with their originality and taste experiences!