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Syrup Brandbar Grenadine 0,7l

Pomegranate and raspberry – two fruits that are equally bright in aroma and color, differ from each other in size

Syrup Brandbar Grenadine 0,7l PET

Pomegranate and raspberry – two fruits that are equally bright in aroma and color, differ from each other in size

Syrup Brandbar Strawberry 0,7l

Strawberries are a royal berry. Even ancient philosophers and poets, singing in their works, called it the fruit of the

Syrup Brandbar Passion Fruit 0,7l PET

Passion fruit is one of the exotic fruits, with a sweet and very fragrant jelly-like pulp, “wrapped” with a thin

Syrup Brandbar Coconut 0,7l

Coconut, the fruit of a tropical palm tree, which has one unique substance in its composition – lauric acid, the

Syrup Brandbar Raspberry 0,7l

Bright red, juicy, tender berry, filled with solar energy and warmth – it’s all about raspberries known to everyone from

Syrup Brandbar Curacao 1,0l

Syrups or toppings are very popular today. They are added to coffee, lemonades, teas, a variety of desserts. Almost no

Syrup Brandbar Salted Caramel 0,7l

The word “caramel” is invariably associated with the sweet, pleasant taste of childhood. According to unofficial statistics, it is the

Syrup Brandbar Elderflower 0,7l PET

Syrup belongs to the category of confectionery soft drinks used in various recipes in order to give the finished product

Syrup Brandbar Lavender 0,7l

Lavender is the queen of Provencal meadows. This flower cannot be confused with any other. Its amazing aroma, unique shade
novelties in the assortment
Beer & Cider
  • Beer & Cider
  • Combucha
  • Tortillas
Set 2 pcs

Sparkling apple cider “ROSE” 5.0%, 0.33l (2 pcs.)

The best meetings do not happen by chance – this is what happened with the mix of the legendary Aperol
Set 2 pcs

Sparkling apple cider “APPLE SHOT” 6.0%, 0.33l (2 pcs.)

Duo of apple and grapefruit flavors! Here he is, the one who quenches my thirst – Apple & Grapefruit
Set 2 pcs

Sparkling apple cider “CRAZY BERRY” 6.0%, 0.33l (2 pcs.)

In every sip of “Crazy berry” cider, you will feel a deep, elegant taste dominated by the raspberry berry. The
Set 2 pcs

Sparkling apple cider “BANANKA” 5.0%, 0.33l (2 pcs.)

The brightness and fruitiness of Bananka cider is due to the combination of banana and apple. Every sip of the
Set 2 pcs

Sparkling apple cider “FOREST APPLE” 5.5%, 0.33l (2 pcs.)

The wild apple tree bore fruit generously in the forest clearing, imparting the juiciness and aroma of the fruits to
Set 2 pcs

Beer TM FOREVER “KITE SAFARI” light unfiltered 7.0% 0.5l (2 pcs.)

Kite Safari - you conquer the elements of wind and water. Every day is like a new adventure in the endless battle to tame a new wave. And on cozy evenings, pleasant conversations with friends who have merged into a kite family with one goal - adventures, adventures, adventures!
Set 2 pcs

Beer TM FOREVER “FOREST HILL” light unfiltered 8.0% 0.5l (2 pcs.)

A double portion of needles and fragrant malts will delight you with the sweet-coniferous taste of the forest and the warming feeling of alcohol. Imperial FOREST DIPA is nature's gift for you!
Set 2 pcs

Beer TM FOREVER “CRAZY” light unfiltered 6.5% 0.5l (2 pcs.)

Looking for new practices and tastes, we immersed ourselves in KVEIK's history. The ultra-new strain of KVEIK yeast with a unique aroma and flavor profile is now here in this jar. Bon appetit!
Set 2 pcs

Beer TM FOREVER “La TOMATINA” light unfiltered 4.5% 0.5l (2 pcs.)

Spanish tomatoes and Ukrainian malt are the delicious secret of festival beer. "Red berry", "golden apple", or simply "tomato" radically changed the idea of standard beer. Now its brightness of taste and color reigns in the "Brewery", giving maximum vitamins in every sip. Deliciously!
Set 2 pcs

Beer TM FOREVER “BLACK QUEEN” dark unfiltered 5.5% 0.5l (2 pcs.)

A sweet base of flower honey, fragrant spices, generously sprinkled with coziness... Do you also smell homemade cookies? We have created a delicacy that reveals a chocolate-honey taste in the depth of the creamy foam. Dessert, of course. Bon appetit!


Ukrainian producer of elite alcohol
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  • Low alcohol
  • Non-alcoholic

Rum Barbadoza white 0,7l. 37,5%

It is a drink that has absorbed the best properties of rum. Barbadoza rum is made in the traditional way,

Whiskey Sir Pitterson Premium 1,0l 40%

Real Sir Pitterson Scotch whiskey is a noble drink that is prepared according to a traditional recipe, but with the

Gin Brandbar De La Bo 1,0l 43,5%

In 2009, the company expanded its portfolio of gins with the launch of De la Boe, a 43.5% ABV London

Absinthe Brandbar Vincent 1,0l 60%

The greatest master of art, Vincent van Gogh, became famous not only for his creations, but for a very sad

Tequila San Jose Silver 0.7 l. 35%

One of the leaders in the tequila market, the mild character and fruity notes of which make San José Silver

Absinthe Brandbar Vincent Premium 1,0l 70%

The greatest master of art, Vincent van Gogh, became famous not only for his creations, but for a very sad

Gin Brandbar Trafalgar 1,0l 45%

In 2008, the company added to its portfolio the legendary Trafalgar gin, made using London Dry Gin technology. London Dry

Rum Barbadoza dark 0,7л. 37,5%

Barbadoza is a high quality rum with very good characteristics. It is created according to traditional technology, therefore, it has

Whiskey William Peel Double Maturation Blended 0,7l 40%

The success of William Peel Distillery Selection Single Grain Scotch Whiskey lies in the perfect combination of natural ingredients at

Tincture Brandbar Rotwild 1,0l 35%

Rotwild is a strong herbal liqueur whose name translates in German as “noble deer”. It is a unique and self-sufficient

Online store of elite alcohol


True connoisseurs of alcohol probably know what elite products are. From ordinary alcohol-containing products, such drugs differ in the highest quality, unsurpassed taste characteristics.

Many of them have their own amazing history, sometimes counted for centuries. A distinctive feature is the special manufacturing techniques, which are often kept a great secret. The recipe is passed down from generation to generation and rarely goes beyond the dynasty. As a rule, such incredible potions also imply a special culture of drinking them.

Collection of Perfect Flavors

Our company has always kept pace with the times. And one of today’s trends is the high demand of consumers for the quality of purchased alcohol. Therefore, we tried to collect selected specimens that can rightfully be called elite. Their extraordinary variety allows satisfying the needs of even the most sophisticated gourmets.

Whiskey occupies one of the first places among the noble drugs. His path to the pinnacle of glory began many centuries ago. The first mention of this elixir appeared in the XV century. An amazing selection of exceptional products from famous brands awaits connoisseurs in our online store.

In the club of admirers of luxury alcohol, another great potion is a priority – His Majesty gin. This is one of the “elders” and favorites of ardent aesthetes regarding the consumption of intoxicants. The method of drinking it can be called real religion. Moreover, each fan of this original product has his own theory of how and with what it is better to use it. Our line is represented by a “juniper tale” of various manufacturers, so there is plenty to choose from.
One of the first places among extraordinary drugs belongs to the legendary absinthe. Absinthe “Brandbar Vincent” will help to lift the veil of the mystery of the “Green Fairy”, as his admirers used to call the elixir. Using the services of our online store, you can become the happy owner of the best version of this selected alcohol without any hassle and searching.

Exotic lovers will not be disappointed with Ibiza or Zako sambuca. They can rightfully be included in the category of the highest class of drinks. The widest assortment of other liqueurs, conquering with their amazing tastes and unique aromas, is also offered.

Simplicity and convenience

Brandbar cares not only about the “eliteness” of its products, but also about the maximum comfort of its customers. Therefore, in the online store you can simply and quickly order any of the exclusive alcoholic products presented in the company’s collection. To do this, just go to our website, find the desired product, click the “Add to Cart” button and fill in the data for delivery.

If you can’t make a choice, attentive, competent specialists will be able to suggest the perfect solution for any occasion and for any reason. They will turn the buying process into a real holiday, telling the story of the appearance of each elite drink, revealing its secrets, uniqueness and perfection of the bouquet.

Thanks to our online store, everyone will be able to plunge into the wonderful world of exquisite drinks, where drinking alcohol turns into a kind of ritual, action. Where there is no debilitating hangover after stormy gatherings. After all, literally with every drop comes an understanding of the value of the drink, not because of the amount drunk, but because of its extraordinary, extraordinary taste characteristics, its inherent fragrance, amazing colors.

Our online store strives to please its customers with worthy products and works for your convenience and pleasure.