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Liquer Brandbar Triple sec 0,7l 40%

All drinks with a high percentage of alcohol are a group of strong alcohol. Brandbar Triple sec liqueur is one

Liquer Brandbar Pisang 0,7l 20%

Bananas are amazing tropical fruits that everyone loves without a doubt. They are rich in vitamins, minerals necessary for healthy

Liquer Brandbar Crème de Café 0,7l 25%

Morning, freshly brewed, fragrant, invigorating, energizing, black or with the most delicate whipped cream… All these compliments and characteristics are

Liquer Brandbar Curacao 0,7l 25%

Liquor, as an alcoholic beverage, is considered a direct descendant of natural medicines used in antiquity. After all, its main

Liquer Brandbar Peach 0,7l 20%

One of the most loved by many summer fruits, peach, with its delicate texture, velvet skin, amazing juiciness, is an

Liquer Brandbar Coconut 0,7l 20%

Coconut is the fruit of the coconut palm, which needs 11-12 months of heat to fully ripen. The tree itself

Liquer Brandbar Melon 0,7l 20%

The end of summer is the season of melons and gourds ripening, among which Melon is rightfully considered the queen.

Liquer Brandbar Via latte 0,7l 18%

Via lattea is the result of a harmonious collaboration between our Brandbar company and Kevin Allen, a pastry technologist from

Liquer Brandbar Almond 0,7l 28%

Branded Liqueur Almond is a classic drink that is ideal not only on its own, but also as an aromatic

Liquer Brandbar Crème de Cassis 0,7l 18%

Blackcurrant berries are a priceless gift of nature to man. After all, they have so much life, energy, sun, heat,

Liquer Brandbar Strawberry 0,7l 20%

At the mere mention of strawberries, bright red, juicy, sweet with a uniquely wonderful aroma of the first summer berry,

Liquer Brandbar Crème de Banana 0,7l 22%

Bananas are bright yellow exotic fruits filled with tropical sweetness, sunny bliss, producing the hormone of happiness, filling with vital

Liquer Brandbar Crème de menthe 0,7l 22%

The emerald-colored drink with a refreshing and intoxicating aroma of mint is Brandbar Crème de menthe liqueur. It belongs to

Лікер Brandbar Green apple (Зелене яблуко) 0,7л 18%

Друга половина літа асоціюється із дозріванням більшості фруктів, ягід. Саме стиглі зелені яблука є основною складовою ароматного, красивого, насиченого світло-зеленого

Liquer Brandbar Cherry 0,7l 22%

Cherry is a special gift of nature to man. After all, the juice of these berries, their flesh is very

Liquer Brandbar Curacao orange 0,7l 25%

When you want fresh originality and unusualness – Brandbar Curacao orange liqueur, combining a pleasant harmony of citrus flavors, will

Liquer Brandbar Crème de cacao brown 0,7l 22%

Chocolate notes in taste, color and aroma – this is the delicious Brandbar Crème de cacao brown liqueur. It has

Liquer Brandbar Via latte 0,5l 18%

Original price was: 405.0 ₴.Current price is: 318.0 ₴.
Via lattea is the result of a harmonious collaboration between our Brandbar company and Kevin Allen, a pastry technologist from

Liquer Brandbar Crème de cacao white 0,7l 22%

White chocolate is a refinement and creamy lightness of taste, gentle lightness and pure freshness of aroma. Why not an

Liquer Brandbar Apricot 0,7l 20%

The middle of summer is marked by the ripening of many fruits and berries. Apricots are rightly considered “sunny” fruits,

Liquer Brandbar Smoked prunes 0,7l 20%

All summer fruits are an invaluable gift of nature to man. They are not just good for health and life.

Liquer Brandbar Spicy vanilla 0,7l 28%

Vanilla is an amazingly fragrant, pleasant spice used in completely different culinary areas: confectionery, soft and alcoholic drinks, meat sauces,

Liqueur Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey 1 l 35%

Via lattea is the result of a harmonious collaboration between our Brandbar company and Kevin Allen, a pastry technologist from

Liqueur Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey 0.5 l 35%

Jack Daniel’s “Tennessee Honey” is the latest in a line of whiskeys produced by the distillery. It is a distillate

Liquer Brandbar Allspice 0,7l 22%

Allspice – liqueur with fragrant pepper. The contrasting combination of fragrant spices with sweetness is the highlight of this signature

Liqueur tincture on herbs Becherovka 1.0l 38%

Becherovka comes from Karlsbad, or Karlovy Vary, a famous Czech resort. Her recipe was invented at the beginning of the

Alcohol-free liqueur Pink Grapefruit Giffard 0.7 l

GIFFARD alcohol-free liqueur is made from an infusion of hand-picked elderflowers in white wine vinegar. It has a golden yellow

Alcohol-free liqueur Elderberry Giffard 0.7 l

GIFFARD alcohol-free liqueur is made from an infusion of hand-picked elderflowers in white wine vinegar. It has a golden yellow

Alcohol-free pineapple liqueur Giffard 0.7 l

GIFFARD non-alcoholic liqueur is made from the infusion of fresh pineapple and supplemented with the infusion of candied pineapples in


Liqueurs from “Brandbar”. Among the huge variety of alcoholic beverages there is a special type – liqueurs. Over their centuries-old history, they have collected a magnificent collection of flavors and aromas, incomparable with any of the alcohol-containing products.

The popularity is fueled by the fact that thanks to this luxurious drink, you can make a lot of wonderful cocktails, enjoying them endlessly. They will make any party brighter, more fun, create a romantic atmosphere on the first date, add sophistication, piquancy to any celebration.

A bit of history.

Researchers claim that the “test of the pen” began in the 11th century. In those distant times, bitter mixtures were used to treat the sick. They were prepared in monasteries, which then abounded throughout Western Europe.

The monks collected medicinal herbs to create unique potions. In order to somehow soften the bitterness, to make it not so distinct, sharp, some inventors began to add honey, sweet berries, and roots. This is how tinctures with magical healing properties and extraordinary taste appeared.

Who is first.

Claim primacy in the question: “who laid the foundation for the unsurpassed era of liqueurs”, and until now the French and the Dutch cannot be divided among themselves. The first argue that the initial stage of the extraordinary popularity of the drink was the discovery made by a certain B. Vinzelli, their compatriot. He was a minister of the monastery of St. Benedict and in 1510, through numerous experiments, he created something very special. The elixir impressed him with its extraordinary taste and versatility of shades.

Modern “Benidictine”, as the liquor is now called, is considered one of the elite and expensive alcoholic products of this line. The recipe is kept in the strictest confidence. Connoisseurs say that it contains about three dozen different herbs, citrus peel, as well as honey, and other ingredients.
In the same 16th century, the Dutchman S. Franciscus also worked on the creation of medicinal mixtures. On the basis of juniper berries, he created the “Genever” recognized by all, revered to this day. The famous Bols family, engaged in the production of various alcoholic beverages on an industrial scale, had a hand in its wholesale production.

Classics of the genre.

Modern companies are not inferior in ingenuity to their predecessors. Our skilled craftsmen, using the best recipes, natural ingredients and the latest technology, have established the production of impeccable quality products.

The unique collection of Brandbar liqueurs produced by us deserves special attention. After all, the basic principle used in the creation of absolutely all products is the use of only natural ingredients. And they all come from all over the world.

Their geography is very extensive. High-quality currant, strawberry, and cherry juices are imported, for example, from dazzling Italy. Juicy, fragrant fruits of melon, peach come from sunny Tajikistan. Cocoa beans are delivered from Africa itself, more precisely, the hot Côte d’Ivoire. Madagascarians are happy to provide gourmet Bourbon vanilla, and so on.


We offer an extensive selection of amazingly delicious fabrics, completely different in composition and percentage of alcohol. For lovers of more serious strong drinks, we recommend trying our Triple Sec. The traditional strength – 40 degrees combined with the unique aroma and taste of citrus fruits will satisfy the most demanding and capricious gourmets.

Saturated, with a fragrant natural smell, Brandbar Crème de Cassis, having only 18% alcohol, will certainly appeal to lovers of sweet alcohol. Astringent-tannin flavor with delicate sourness relieves it of cloying and allows you to enjoy an exquisite flavor bouquet with pleasure.

Enchanting with unique tastes and aromas, the list goes on and on. There are about three dozen different liqueurs in the rich assortment of our company. All of them are of the highest quality, which can only be appreciated by trying this unique product.