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 Sambuca Ibiza 1,0l 42%

In 2007, the company launched the production of sambuca liqueur. Sambuca is a strong anise liqueur that has a fresh

Sambuca Ibiza 0,7l 42%

In 2007, the company launched the production of sambuca liqueur. Sambuca is a strong anise liqueur that has a fresh

Sambuca Zako 0,7l 40%

Anise flavored liqueur. This taste is given to it by essential oils, which are obtained after distillation from the seeds

Sambuca Ibiza 0,5l 42%

In 2007, the company launched the production of sambuca liqueur. Sambuca is a strong anise liqueur that has a fresh


The bright, colorful name belongs to an equally interesting and original drink from blessed Italy. If we consider the name in terms of terminology, then “sambucus” in Latin means “elderberry”.

This makes some sense. Indeed, one of the components of elite alcohol is Sambucus nigra, or, as we say, black elderberry, or rather, its most useful fruits or flowers fragrant with unearthly aromas.

Amazing compound

So we come to the most important thing – what is the most popular drink at club parties made of, a favorite ingredient in all kinds of cocktails, and especially layered shots. Of course, well-known manufacturers keep the true compound of such exquisite and sought-after products in strict confidence.

But the veil of secrecy, nevertheless, managed to be slightly opened. And so, the main ingredient in sambuca is not elderberry. The main component is wheat alcohol. Mandatory condition – high quality. The strength of the finished liquor reaches 38, or even all 42 degrees.

Next on the list are herbal ingredients. Among the main ones, which has a magical aroma and a pleasant sweetish taste, anise. A number of roots and aromatic herbs are also added, and, finally, the same elderberry, or rather an extract from its flowers and berries. All this delicious forbs is generously flavored with sugar.

A bit of history

The discoverer of the famous alcoholic product called “Sambuca Manzi”, which, by the way, is still produced today, was Luigi Manzi. It happened in a small port town in the center of Italy – Civitavecchia.

In 1851, according to some sources, Luigi wrote to his friends that he had created something special. The fashion for anise liqueur, which he spoke about, instantly spread throughout the country. For almost a century, Manzi sambuca was unrivaled.

The company’s decline began after the Second World War. But, as you know, a holy place is never empty. One of the former employees of the famous company decided to justify his empire. It was Angelo Molinari. And it is worth noting that he did it very well.

Already in 1945, a talented blender created a recipe for a new potion based on the same alcohol and anise, which received the name “Molinari Sambuca Extra”. Over time, production has become a successful family business. To date, 70% of the Italian sambuca market belongs to Molinari.
What we are made ofIn search of a new, unusual product, we turned our attention to the amazing liqueur. Having a high strength, as for such a line of alcoholic products and no less serious popularity, the drink was adopted into the development.

As a result of research there was a great quality product with the star name “Ibiza”. It has a delicate, yet intense aroma, soft and fresh taste. Thanks to the use of exclusively natural raw materials, a special production technology turned out to be the highest class liqueur, ready to serve as a starting point for lifting the mood and unforgettable relaxation.

The culture of drinking

To know all the charm of sambuca produced by our company, you should try not only “Ibiza” and “Zako”. They go well with champagne, juices, syrups, etc., creating delicious bouquets of flavors.
The Cloud is considered to be a bright representative of such cocktails. The shot consists of sambuca, tequila, Irish cream, blue curacao and absinthe. The drink is quite strong and burning, as it includes several ingredients with a solid degree.

Anise liqueur is also drunk in its pure form. It is considered especially useful for improving digestion. To do this, it is desirable to cool it well and, after pouring 40–50 ml, use it without drinking anything. The procedure can be carried out both before meals and after.

A kind of ritual for the Italians themselves is the serving of sambuca with three coffee beans, symbolizing health, wealth and happiness. You can simply put the grains at the bottom of the glass and, after drinking a pre-chilled drink, chew and eat coffee.

Whichever method is chosen, our Brandbar company is always ready to provide the highest quality products.