Syrups for coffee: rules for use.

History is modestly silent about those who first began to add sweet syrups to fragrant coffee. But this idea appealed to many coffee lovers. And today, in large and small coffee houses, bold creative baristas offer visitors a classic drink with a variety of additives in the form of berry and fruit toppings.

Even in small doses, syrup in coffee is capable of real miracles. Firstly, it eliminates the peculiar bitterness in the aftertaste of espresso that is not pleasant for everyone, and adds pleasant sweetness, softness, and depth of taste to exquisite latte and delicate cappuccino. Secondly, coffee syrups are an adornment of the aroma and flavor range. By adding a sweet ingredient to your favorite drink, you can easily create a festive atmosphere, cheer up on the most cloudy weekday.

Secrets of taste harmony

Store shelves offer a wide range of syrups. What flavors are not there? The most popular are vanilla, caramel, strawberry, chocolate, coconut, hazelnut, cinnamon, almond, ginger. Fans of exclusive flavors prefer to add “salted caramel”, “tiramisu”, with flavors of alcoholic liqueurs. And those who love the exotic – passion fruit, banana, lime, mango, and others.

The indisputable truth is that syrup plus freshly brewed coffee is a perfect harmonious chord consisting of two sounds. Still, there are disappointments when drinking a ready-made drink. The reason for this may be an incorrectly selected syrup or violated prescription proportions.
In order not to tempt fate, but only to pleasantly surprise guests, friends and yourself, you should carefully consider the issue of combining flavors, study the nuances of making unusual coffee with topping.

So, the main secrets of harmonious taste sound are as follows:

• Chocolate or caramel syrup is ideal for strong espresso.
• Fruit and berry are combined with cappuccino, americano, latte, other types of coffee that are lighter in strength (glace, raf).
• Nut topping will help remove excessive bitterness.
• Amaretto, Irish cream slightly emphasize the sourness of Arabica, and therefore are perfect for a drink from this monosort.
• Turkish coffee involves the addition of exclusively spices, therefore, syrups with the taste of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger are suitable for it. The chocolate taste of such a drink can also pleasantly surprise and fall in love with yourself.
• During the sweltering heat want something refreshing. Iced coffee has become a trend in the last few years. Of course, mint, lemon, lime syrups make its taste more fresh.
In fact, there is no recipe or variety of coffee beans for which it would be impossible to find the perfect sweet additive.

Proportionality – the second main secret of a pleasant taste

In order not to be disappointed, it is also important to have a sense of proportion. It comes with experience. To get started, just learn a few rules:

• From 20 ml, topping is added only to coffee cocktails, that is, drinks where coffee is not the main, but an auxiliary component, like a flavoring additive.
• From 10 to 15 ml of syrup can be added to milk cappuccino, latte.
• No more than 10 ml of topping is usually mixed into americano.
• Espresso does not tolerate syrup added in excess of the 5 ml limit.

We must not forget about the high calorie content of any syrup. This is especially important if you or one of the guests is fighting for beautiful body shapes.

A couple of recipes instead of an afterword

Syrups and toppings open up almost unlimited possibilities for experimentation and, accordingly, the emergence of new recipes. The main thing is not to restrain your creativity and follow the inner call of the heart.

To obtain a divine drink, of course, only high-quality ingredients are important. The showcase of our Brandbar store presents the richest collection of exceptionally high-quality syrups of our own production. Even the most capricious and sophisticated gourmet will definitely find its taste here.

Let’s prepare “Coffee-coconut paradise”. To do this, take 20 g of freshly ground coffee, half a teaspoon of Caramel and Coconut syrups, 150 ml of filtered water. After brewing, you can enjoy, carried away by dreams to distant fabulous islands.

Another miracle drink can be obtained by adding a teaspoon of Almond and Madagascar Vanilla syrups to a latte. Before serving, don’t forget to garnish your coffee with cinnamon and put a straw in your glass for complete relaxation.

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