Absinthe (what is it, features, how to choose absinthe and glasses for it)

The list of drinks containing alcohol in their composition is unheard of. Such products have a wide range of degrees, taste characteristics, aromatic bouquet, color palette. It is produced on all continents, choosing completely different, sometimes the most incredible ingredients as a raw material base.

But wormwood grass cannot be called an exotic plant. It has been used as one of the effective medicines since BC. For example, in an ancient Egyptian papyrus dating back to the 16th century BC, it is recommended as an effective antipyretic, antiseptic, tonic drug. Roman and Greek healers used decoctions and infusions from the miraculous plant to treat anemia, rheumatism, and gastric diseases.

Magic Elixir

Absinthe is the name of a potion that appeared already at the end of the 18th century and the main component in its composition was wormwood. Useful additives were other herbs, in particular anise, fennel, mint, lemon balm, and other herbs. A prerequisite was a significant alcohol content, sometimes reaching up to 85%.

Another feature of the “green fairy” (the second name of the elixir) is the presence in its composition of a very difficult (from the point of view of chemistry) substance – thujone. Its natural sources are thuja (in fact, this is evident from the name), cypress, juniper, wormwood, sage. It is due to the presence of this substance in the esters of these herbs that the plants are medicinal, able to lower the temperature, successfully fight infectious agents, and remove toxins from the body. In the recipes of the drink, the so-called trace amount (that is, extremely insignificant) of thujone is used.

Initially, the unprecedented action of the product was used to treat various ailments. He was considered almost a panacea, able to cope with many ailments. Its creation is attributed to the Enrio sisters, who lived in Switzerland in 1792. Absinthe was launched into mass production in 1798 by the French entrepreneur Henri Dubier, who bought the recipe from them.

Over time, other breeders also mastered the production of absinthe. The drink went global and became more accessible. Wherever he appeared, he was immediately fascinated. Moreover, regardless of status, class, gender, age.

Popular brands

The production of absinthe in our time is practiced in almost all corners of the world. But there are products that are especially popular. Among the well-known brands is the French “Ricard”, which is a descendant of a true classic infusion. Wormwood mixed with anise and magnificent Provence herbs, alcohol of the highest quality are turned by skilled craftsmen into a unique, harmonious bouquet.

Fruko Schulz is also characterized by richness of taste, amazing emerald color. This Czech version of elite alcohol can also be categorized as a traditional variation of the magic wormwood potion.

Another star elixir, Xenta, is made in Italy. The main component here is also wormwood. But exclusively grass is used, which grows in the Alps in northern Italy at an altitude of 2000 meters. Moreover, only the upper part of the plant is used, and it is harvested only at the final stage of flowering.

The alcoholic beverages of this line of our company also meet the highest criteria. “Brandbar” combines the best traditions, innovative technologies and unsurpassed quality raw material base in its products. A solid percentage of alcohol – 70%, a marvelous bouquet of flavor bouquet, an intoxicating aroma of herbs, especially wormwood and anise, a wonderful emerald hue truly fascinates and delight.

Choosing the best

So, how to choose a drink in order to fully enjoy the magical elixir. First of all, you should remember about the mandatory presence of a high percentage of alcohol. Absinthe Vincent Premium from Brandbar – has 70% of the fortress, which is quite consistent with the classic indicators.

The best raw materials are used in production. This is grain alcohol of the highest class “Lux”, herbs grown in ecologically clean areas of the Austrian Alps, crystal artesian water purified from all kinds of impurities. Such a product is perfect both for an independent aperitif and as an excellent component in exclusive mixes.

The choice of containers for its use depends on how the elixir will be used. In principle, it is not subject to a strict standard. But when choosing glasses, it is important to remember that the perception of the taste and aroma of an alcoholic beverage directly depends on their shape.

The typical shape of an absinthe glass is a cone expanding towards the top. Crystal products on a beautiful leg look great. The volume of the glass allows you to dilute the hot drink with ice. If it is supposed to use absinthe in its pure form, glasses should be no more than 30 ml in volume.

Since absinthe is often set on fire during serving, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is advisable to choose a container made of thickened glass for such cases.

And most importantly, the “Green Fairy” will not tolerate a frivolous attitude towards itself. Therefore, it is better to know the measure when getting acquainted with the legendary tincture. Only then will no damage be done to health, and the drink will reveal all its age-old secrets.

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