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The gloom of the autumn season can always be turned into joyful fun. And for this, it is not at all necessary to wait for some holidays, special dates. Hot favorite drinks, light snacks, a circle of friends, relatives, the bosom of nature or a home movie theater – all this is easily translated into reality and magically lifts the mood, fills with a feeling of unrestrained happiness.

We all need a special vacation this year. The surrounding events are trying to cause a lot of pain to everyone. But the Brandbar team, as always, stands guard over the health and good mood of its customers, and offers a selection of recipes for autumn cocktails, the components of which invariably include items from the brand collections of unique products.

Warming drinks for a cheerful and patriotic mood

Let’s start with drinks that contain a small drop of elite alcohol. You can safely put “Pumpkin cocktail” in the first place. Already in the name, not only autumnal notes are clearly heard, but also patriotic ones. This is an ancient Ukrainian tradition: to bring a huge pumpkin to the doorstep and hand it to unwanted grooms or uninvited guests.

• Pumpkin cocktail is distinguished by its magical properties. For example, it warms from the inside, fills with courage, cheerfulness, and health. And it’s also easy to make at home with fairly simple ingredients.

So, first you need to prepare pumpkin liqueur. To do this, cut pieces of ripe autumn fruit (500 g), lightly salt and bake in the oven for 15 minutes. Then we fill them with Scotch whiskey (750 ml), which can always be found on the virtual shelves of the Brandbar online store, and let the tincture “rest” for two days in a dark place under a tight lid. Then, for further use, the tincture should be filtered and put in the refrigerator.

Directly, the cocktail needs 30 ml of pumpkin tincture, 15 ml of lemon juice, the same amount of Brandbar Maple syrup and a pinch of ground cinnamon. All ingredients are mixed in a shaker with ice cubes. And after pouring into glasses, the magical mix is decorated with cinnamon.

• Rusty Nail or “Rusty Nail” – a cocktail made famous by Frank Sinatra’s company with a mysterious and mysterious history of origin, which has not yet been established with certainty.

There are several versions of why this mix was named that way. The first: the bartender-inventor mixed the ingredients of the cocktail with an ordinary nail, which he took from his work counter. The second: the rich dark brown color of the drink reminded consumers exactly of rust. The third: at one of the parties organized by the Rat Rat company, which was headed by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, this particular cocktail was called the “nail” of the program. In a word, the roots of history are hidden behind an impenetrable veil, and no one has yet managed to unravel this mystery.
And the cocktail is prepared quite simply and quickly. It is enough to mix Drambuie liqueur (25 ml), Scotch whiskey selected from the rich Brandbar collection (45 ml) in a wide and low glass (rocks) with ice cubes and, after careful mixing, add pieces of lemon zest to the mix. With a strength of 40 degrees, this drink has a very mild sweet taste. Honeycombs or cocktail cherries are very tasty with it. Try and feel all the tenderness and beauty of the Ukrainian “golden” season.

Seasonal cocktails for a romantic mood

• “Autumn delight” – this cocktail is ideal for any “romance”. A first date or the anniversary of a first kiss, a one-on-one dinner or a meeting by candlelight, any occasion with a romantic slant will only acquire a special flavor if you treat yourself to “Autumn delight”.

A light, pleasantly intoxicating, cinnamon-flavored mix requires only unfiltered cider (120 ml) to prepare a truly original drink. We mix it with whiskey (60 ml) in a shaker, which we fill in advance with ice cubes.
The mixture is filtered into a special glass called an old fashion (a wide and low glass with a rather thick bottom). The last touch in the preparation is to decorate the drink with ground cinnamon (1 tablespoon or 1 whole stick, finely grated) and slices of fresh apple.

“Autumn delight” can also be consumed hot. To do this, remove the ice crumb from the recipe, and heat the apple cider before mixing it with whiskey. As a result, we get a wonderful warming punch with an original flavor bouquet.

• Cardamom cocktail.

About ten years ago, the world saw the novel by the charming author N. Gurnytska “The Melody of Coffee in the Tone of Cardamom”. The book immediately won the hearts of readers, fans of tender and sophisticated literary plots. Coffee and alcohol cocktail “Cardamom”, of course, has nothing to do with the book, it is known by regulars of bars all over the world, but it is also suitable for tasting alone, while reading a new novel, in the comfort of one’s own room, for all dreamers and romantics.
It will not be difficult to master the recipe of one of the most popular autumn cocktails. The first stage is to make your own cardamom syrup. To do this, boil 250 ml of water with a quarter cup of cardamom pods and 200 g of sugar. After the sugar is completely dissolved, remove the mixture from the heat, let it cool, put it in the refrigerator for a couple of days. For further use, it is advisable to strain the syrup.

To prepare a cocktail, brew 60 ml of espresso coffee, add it hot to 60 ml of vodka and 15 ml of cardamom syrup in a shaker. We also add ice cubes there. Pour the drink into cocktail glasses after it has completely cooled and stirred, not forgetting to strain it twice. A couple of cardamom pods will be a wonderful aromatic and tasty decoration of this cocktail.

A small reminder

Cooking is an inexact science. There will always be a place for creativity, the realization of personal dreams. Making cocktails is no exception. If you have a strong desire to try something new, unusual, extravagant, you can always experiment with the components of the basic recipes, add something, replace, increase or vice versa, reduce dosages.

For this purpose, our company Brandbar presents a very wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The virtual storefront always has what the most creative customers need. Our products are distinguished by high quality, naturalness of components, variety of assortment, and pleasant prices.

But, always remember, excess alcohol consumption can leave very negative traces in the body. Therefore, be careful when preparing cocktails in order to feel happy and really enjoy the autumn colors.

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