Let’s celebrate together

Each nation has its own special culture, age-old traditions, and revered holidays. Our people are no exception. Well, even too much. We Ukrainians like to celebrate. Sometimes we look for the smallest opportunity to meet with friends and relatives.

Autumn is a generous time for festive events. In ancient times, for example, this season was rich in weddings. After all, the main work is done, the grain is carefully collected in the storehouse, and you can go for a walk. Now new rites and traditions have appeared. But there is a special day among many – October 1, when we honor our defenders.

This date was also designated for the celebration of the Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks. Many interesting stories about the Cossacks, their life, bravery and courage have reached our times. We studied historians and the life of our heroic ancestors.

Thanks to research, it became known that even from the earliest Cossack times, men preferred strong drinks. No, of course not during military campaigns. After all, Cossack warriors had very strict rules. During the period of hostilities, a dry law came into force. But after exhausting battles, you could rest and relax.

Cossack “cocktail” card

What did our heroic ancestors love? Historians-researchers claim that mead, various tinctures, such as cherry, plum, and vodka, were popular among the Zaporozhians. Elders could treat themselves to expensive wines. All these wonderful drinks, only modernized, can be found in the list of our company’s products.

The Cossacks also liked varenukha. This extraordinary drink was prepared in different variations. It could be completely alcohol-free. This option is somewhat similar to a concoction of dried fruits. They also made a drink of low strength. However, strong stew was still in favor.

The main ingredients in the classic recipe were dried fruit, honey and vodka. Dry apples, pears, raisins or other fruits or berries were placed in a clay pot and poured with vodka or moonshine. Honey was added there. For even more flavor, fragrant spices or roots were added.

A piece of rye bread, the size of the opening of the container, was placed on top of the pot. In order for the stew to infuse well, the bread was also covered with dough. All this deliciousness was put in a warm oven, and after 10-12 hours it was taken out, filtered and tasted. They drank a strong drink both hot and cold.

By replacing the stove with a modern oven, if you really want to, you can make exclusive alcohol even now. But if there is a lack of time or something else, and you want to treat your friends or family members to something interesting, then it will be appropriate to turn to the collection of elite alcohol of our company.

For the celebration of real men and courageous women, Branbar offers excellent products for different tastes. Thanks to exquisite quality products, you can prepare interesting compositions that will appeal to both the household and the guests. Men are usually offered something stronger, women – gentler and sweeter.

An exquisite classic

Well, taking into account the fact that male content should be strong, let’s turn to cocktails with a decent alcohol content. The best choice, of course, will be mixes known and popular all over the world. The main thing is to have at least a few drinks in your personal bar, which are basic cut ensembles. These are usually rum, whiskey and gin.

According to many connoisseurs of cocktails, the legendary Sauer Whiskey is ideal for any company, circumstance, mood, even the weather. It is prepared very easily. Strength is given by the use of whiskey in it. For one portion you will need 45 ml. Sourness is achieved thanks to the juice of half a lemon. The mix acquires moderate sweetness by adding a small amount – 15 ml of simple sugar or syrup from our rich Brandbar collection.

Mix all components in a shaker, adding a small amount of ice. It is better to serve in a glass, which is called “rocks”, having also filled it with pieces of ice in advance. If there is a need or desire to decorate the drink, it is better to use a cocktail cherry or a slice of orange.

As simple as possible

Another very popular cocktail that won the hearts of many is Martini. Not only the unique taste, but also the minimum number of ingredients and the simplicity of preparation wins here. Only two components are needed. For one portion, it is 75 ml of gin and 15 ml of vermouth. Both products are better to take from the “dry” line.

The already self-sufficient products are mixed in a glass filled with ice. Then they are filtered through a special strainer into the famous Martini glass. According to experts, it was created specifically for this masterpiece mix. Refinement and elegance are given to it by a thin leg and low wide edges.
Vermouth connoisseurs may like another cocktail recipe more. The proportions change in it. The same amount of both ingredients is taken, that is, gin and vermouth. You can do it the other way, when there is only 1 part of sweet and dry fragrant vermouth for 10 parts of gin. Then the finished composition will be much stronger.

If you want to drink an even fiercer drink, you can add vodka to gin and vermouth. The proportions will be as follows: gin – 90 ml, only 15 ml of fine vermouth and 30 ml of vodka. By the way, this particular composition is very famous. After all, she was loved by agent 007 himself from the famous epic about James Bond.

Gifts for moviegoers

Continuing the theme of movies, we can recall many scenarios where cocktails made there became popular among the population of one or another country. Later, they gained favor in other territories.

One of them is French 75. The main characters of the movie “Casablanca” were treated to it. For preparation, you will need a shaker with ice, to which 30 ml of magical gin, 15 ml of fresh lemon juice and a few drops of sugar syrup are added. Everything is thoroughly mixed and the aromatic hop mixture is poured into a glass. The drink becomes perfect when 60 ml of champagne is added.

The cocktail is named after a small 75 millimeter French howitzer. From the history of creation, it is known that the composition was formed in one of the bars of France during the First World War, where the pilots of the American squadron “Lafayette” were celebrating another victory. They drank cognac and champagne then. These ingredients became a prerequisite for creating an original mix.

There are other versions of the magical mixture, for example with vodka or bourbon. Adhering to the culture of drinking strong beer, you can taste everything and choose exactly what suits your taste best. The Brandbar company will take care of the quality and availability of the components.

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