Brandbar Via lattea liqueur is the taste of true romantics

Liqueur Via lattea is a real miracle for those who want romance and love delicacy of taste. Its name translated from Latin means “Milky Way”, and it is not just a drink, but a real culinary masterpiece of the domestic producer, the Brandbar company.
This liqueur is the result of close cooperation between Ukrainian winemakers and Kevin Allen, a well-known Irish confectionery technologist. It is produced using Dutch cream blends and Irish luxury spirit.
And Brandbar Via lattea is not just a liqueur, it is the Ukrainian analogue of Baileys. The delicate taste and aroma of the drink make it an ideal choice for enjoyment at any time of the day. This drink is perfect both for independent consumption and for preparing various cocktails. Let Brandbar Via lattea reveal all its charm and flavors to you!
Liqueur “Via Lattea” is not just a drink, but a real creation of masters of their craft. Production is characterized by great attention to detail and the use of the best raw materials. The Brandbar brand communicates its constant desire for improvement, and “Via Lattea” is another masterpiece that confirms the status of one of the leading producers of alcoholic beverages in Ukraine.
In short, Via Latea will make you fall in love from the first moment. He, like a charming magician, fascinates with his invisible charms and allows you to plunge into the world of a good fairy tale, where invincible love and harmony reign.
Liqueur properties are the key to popularity
“Via Lattea” from Brandbar is distinguished not only by its unique taste, but also by a wide range of properties that make the drink popular among fans of similar drinks.
The production of “Via Lattea” is a time-consuming process that involves the use of only the best materials and modern technologies. The masters of Brandbar make every effort to ensure that every drop of liquor is exclusively of the highest quality. The process of making this drink continues for two whole weeks, by means of homogenization. This allows manufacturers to achieve a uniform consistency, because it is during this period that every drop of high-quality grain alcohol manages to “wrap” itself in delicate cream. The preparation process is completed by adding vanilla infusion and cocoa butter to the liqueur.
Via lattea is a true masterpiece of taste. Its softness and richness are amazing. From the very first drop, you can feel the chocolate and creamy base notes, which are shaded by vanilla and chocolate admixtures in this rich and sonorous accord. Via lattea liqueur is a real pleasure for the taste buds. Its tenderness and softness simply amazes with its harmony. A very amazing combination of Irish cream with luxury alcohol became the fundamental basis of this composition. And the infusion of cocoa beans and aromatic Bourbon vanilla act here as an emphasis of this unusual combination.
Vanilla-chocolate notes are also felt in the aromatic bouquet of this product. It is they who make every sip of liqueur unforgettable and exquisite, helping to create an atmosphere of tender romance.
Consumption and combinations
Liqueur “Via Lattea” is not just a drink for special meetings, but also an excellent accent for any event or holiday. It can be served both as an independent drink and as part of various cocktails, which so often become a real highlight of modern parties. One sip of this drink can reveal the multifaceted taste and leave an indescribably pleasant mark in the memory.
Via Lattea mixes very well with other drinks, enriching their tastes and aromas, forming interesting and unusual bouquets.
One of the most popular cocktails is After Eight: it resembles chocolates of the same name with mint filling. To prepare it, we will need:
• 20 ml of Via Lattea liqueur from Brandbar,
• 20 ml of mint liqueur,
• 20 ml of chocolate liqueur.
Pour liqueurs into a cocktail glass in sequence, in the specified order. To form three colorful layers, you do not need to mix the drinks, but add each one carefully with the help of a bar utensil (cocktail spoon). The After Eight cocktail should be served cold.
The sweet 25-degree cocktail of brave aviators called B-52 is no less popular in the world. For its preparation, you will also need three liqueurs at once (20 ml each):
• Brandbar Crème de Café liqueur (Coffee);
• Brandbar Via lattea liqueur (Via Lattea);
• Brandbar Curacao orange liqueur.
In a special cocktail glass, liqueurs are poured sequentially, very slowly, so that they “stack” in colorful layers. The top layer can be set on fire. This will make the presentation brighter and the atmosphere of the party or holiday unforgettable.
Another cocktail that is a variation of B-52. This is Hiroshima. In it, coffee liqueur should be replaced with Brandbar Vincent Premium Absinthe. Moreover, it is absinthe that should form the top layer and be set on fire. The mix is served with a straw, through which it is drunk.
Light and refreshing Khmary cocktail. It contains Sambuca (20 ml), tequila (20 ml), absinthe (10 ml), 3 ml each of Blue Curacao and Via lattea liqueurs. First, sambuca and tequila are poured into the stack. Then, liqueurs are added drop by drop, and at the end, a layer of absinthe is “laid” with the help of a spoon. All. The cocktail is ready to serve and drink. It makes no sense to decorate it, because liqueurs in dense liquids form beautiful layers in the form of clouds.
Where and how to order?
Everything you need for a bar for holidays and parties can be purchased in our Brandbar online store. When you order online, you can always count on fast processing and delivery. Because we work with the leading domestic logistician Nova Poshta, which brings goods to any corner of our country.

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