Five magical cocktails for loved ones for Women’s Day

Female charm is an inexhaustible source of attractiveness, which is expressed in the harmony of various features: beauty, strength, elegance and tenderness. It impresses with its uniqueness and ability to transform the surrounding world. Every woman is a magician in her own way, capable of bringing light and beauty to life.
Women’s Day is a special moment to recognize and honor the beautiful princesses and queens of our lives. This holiday celebrates not only their beauty, but also their talent, strength, excellence, with which they decorate our surroundings. This day is the best time to express gratitude for their achievements and limitless contribution to the family, career, and society.
Celebrating Women’s Day is a great opportunity to show respect and love for mothers, wives, daughters, colleagues, all the wonderful women who make our lives richer and brighter. What is the best way to celebrate this incredible event? Of course, prepare enchanting and bright cocktails for your loved ones.
Why cocktails?
Everything is quite simple here. Cocktails are more than drinks. They are one of the forms of bartending art, which combines taste, aroma and presentation aesthetics. There are several reasons why cocktails can be the perfect choice for the lovely ladies and gents, especially when celebrating Women’s Day.
First of all, it is a variety of tastes. Cocktails provide an opportunity to experiment with a variety of flavors, choosing those that correspond to personal preferences. From fruity and refreshing to aromatic and elegant – a variety of cocktails will satisfy any taste.
Secondly, aesthetics and presentation. Any mixes can always be designed as a creative masterpiece. Beautiful presentation, use of a whole range of colors and decorative elements make cocktails not only tasty, but also aesthetically attractive.
Also, these drinks contribute to an atmosphere of relaxation and ease. The so-called tete-a-tete cocktail parties allow women to enjoy the moment when you are together, to feel personal uniqueness, love.
Cocktails not only provide an opportunity to enjoy delicious drinks, but also help create a special atmosphere that emphasizes the uniqueness and charm of each representative of the delicate part of humanity during the celebration.
Five recipes for an unforgettable holiday
Preparing all the ingredients for festive bright drinks is a task with an asterisk. But to make it easier, we suggest you visit our Brandbar online store. Here, on the virtual shelves, you will find everything you need with a guarantee of the quality of each product.
Let’s start, perhaps, with the “strawberry temptation”, the classic top cocktail “Margarita”. Tequila, citrus fruits and strawberries – this stunning bouquet continues to occupy a leading position in the lists of festive women’s mixes for several decades.
So, we will need:
• Tequila (50 ml);
• Citrus liqueur Brandbar Triple sec (Triple Sec) or Brandbar Curacao orange (Curaçao orange) (30 ml);
• A few berries of fresh strawberries (2-3 pcs.);
• Fresh lime (30 ml);
• Ice cubes (2-3 tablespoons);
• Sugar powder or salt (to personal taste) to decorate the glass.
In a blender bowl, mix strawberries, tequila, liqueur, juice and ice. We turn on the device and continue to beat until the mass is homogeneous. Decorate the edges of the glass with powdered sugar (salt) and fill them with the resulting drink. All. The cocktail is ready to serve and drink.
The second recipe is the Mimosa cocktail, light as a spring flirt, attractive with its citrusy exoticism and ideal for delicate women. We will prepare:
• Champagne (1 bottle);
• Orange juice (800 ml);
• Brandbar Curacao orange citrus liqueur (150 ml).
Pour slightly cooled champagne into eight glasses. Gradually add cooled liqueur and orange juice. And we immediately serve a cocktail to drink. 100% such a drink will leave only pleasant memories of the party dedicated to the day of magical and mysterious representatives of the “weak” part of humanity.
“Blue Lagoon”
The following mix will add romance to the holiday atmosphere, surprise and fill with freshness. This amazing drink is called “Blue Lagoon”. For it, we need a little:
• Vodka (50 ml);
• Brandbar Curacao liqueur (Curaçao) (20 ml);
• Sprite or lemonade (soda with lemon juice) (150 ml);
• A slice of pineapple (30 g).
First, the glass is filled to the brim with ice cubes. Then all the liquids listed above are poured there. Everything is mixed with the help of a cocktail spoon. At the end, the cocktail is decorated with a slice of pineapple. Tasty, fresh and interesting!
Another cocktail that can surprise and be remembered as the most original among its kind. This is “Passion” with a lemon-banana-strawberry bouquet in taste and aroma.
We will need: vodka (30 ml), Brandbar Crème de Banana liqueur (30 ml), Brandbar Vanilla syrup (Vanilla) or Madagascar Vanilla (15 ml), lemon juice (20 ml), a few berries strawberries (3-4 pcs.).
Strawberries must be mashed, added to the mixture of vodka, liqueur, syrup and juice. In a shaker, shake the mix with ice cubes thoroughly. Filtering everywhere through a sieve, pour the drink into a glass with ice. Basil leaves and finely ground black pepper are suitable for decoration or a cocktail “raisin” for such a miracle.
The last recipe is dedicated to loved ones. For the brightness of the moment, it is necessary to create an atmosphere of absolute romance. Scented candles, elegant flowers, slender glasses, red petals. All these are elements without which it is impossible to properly celebrate the holiday of gentle and gentle women, created for love.
When the table is set and the glasses are waiting to be filled, you can start cooking. So, we will need:
• Honey liqueur or Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey liqueur (30 ml);
• Brandbar Orange syrup (50 ml) and orange fresh (100 ml);
• Brandbar Lime syrup (5 ml) and fresh lemon (1 tablespoon);
• Banana (1 pc.);
• Cocktail cherry CherryTwig red with stem and Cocktail CherryTwig yellow with stem (1 pc. each).
You will need a blender for cooking. We put a peeled banana in its bowl, pour all the liquid ingredients, a handful of small ice. Beat all this until the entire mass is homogeneous and pour into glasses. Cocktail cherries are a wonderful decoration and finishing touch to this magically delicious, beautiful and radiant cocktail.
Let this women’s day be filled with joy, attention and the most pleasant surprises. Let the charming women feel all the warmth and gratitude that they brought into the world with their presence. Let’s enjoy this holiday together and emphasize every charming detail in the world of femininity.

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