Where to buy liqueurs for a bar in Kyiv

ликеры Брендбар

It is impossible to imagine a modern bar without a collection of drinks that have different tastes, textures, alcohol content, etc. Liqueurs occupy a special place among all the varieties.

These are, as a rule, sweet alcoholic products with a rich, pleasant smell. They have different strength, alcohol base, different degrees of sweetness, and flavoring ingredients.

Traditional minimum

Following the advice of professionals, experienced baristas and just amateur practitioners, in order to be fully equipped at any moment of time, you need to have only a few of the most necessary drinks of this line in the bar.

When compiling a variety of cocktails, both well-known, considered classics, and less popular, but also having their own fans, orange liquor is widely used . It is produced by insisting on an alcohol-based citrus component.

As a rule, not the usual orange, fleshy, juicy beauties are used, but the fruits of the bitter orange. It is his zest that contains the highest concentration of essential oils necessary to create magical liquor products.

Our company offers magnificent “Curacao orange”. You can buy Brandbar products of exceptional quality using the services of an online store or a retail network.

And one more thing…

Triple Sec liqueur has the same aroma of orange. It is very similar to the famous Curacao. Distinctive features – no color and less sweet.

Produced on the basis of bitter lemon peel and sweet orange. The alcohol base is pure alcohol. Its content in the exclusive product of our company is 40%.

This product is for those who strive for perfect tastes. Liqueur is traditionally used to create mixes that have long been considered classics. You can’t cook Margarita, Long Island, Cosmopolitan, B-52, and many others without one.

Brilliant Curaçao Blue

The owner of a spectacular pale blue color should also settle in a corner with other unusual, exquisite drinks. Indeed, without it, it is unlikely that such enchanting cocktails as the Blue Lagoon, Blue Hawaii, and others will be made.

You can list names for a long time, where one of the ingredients has a blue tint. There are also mixes in which, thanks to its combination with other colors, a unique emerald is obtained, as in the Green Fairy, or other equally original colors.

This fabulous potion has not only an extraordinary shade, but also a magnificent refined taste. Therefore, it can be used quite in its pure form. Light astringency and the delicate smell of citrus fruits will satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs of a variety of liquor products.

Coffee flavors

An elegant bouquet of taste and aroma are products in the production of which coffee beans are used. An example of such a delicious conglomerate is ” Crème de Café “.

It harmoniously combines the mild bitterness of selected beans, the delicate freshness of milk and whipped cream, and the sweetness of ripe coconut. This is not just a drink, but a real gift for true gourmets with good taste.

It can be used in combination with many other products, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. It is possible to buy an exclusive product in a specialized online store of our company.

Velvet tenderness

Creamy cream liqueurs are also in demand in the bar business. “Via Lattea” can be safely called the best representative of this line. The drink fully conveys the properties of the main ingredients used in its production – the magic vanilla of the famous Bourbon variety, cocoa butter, cream, etc.

Blackcurrant cream liqueur has a delightful aroma, unusual taste and expressive dark red color. Produced from natural berries infused in an alcohol solution.

This and many other liqueurs are waiting for their admirers at the virtual showcase of the Brandbar online store . Using the services of a courier, any product can be received literally without leaving home.

Store pickup available. Her address and contact details are listed on the company’s website. You can also use the services of the domestic logistics company “Nova Poshta”.

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