Top 10 Liqueur Based Cocktails (Brandbar)

People learned to mix various drinks into one a long time ago. With the advent of liqueurs, cocktails acquired a special taste, aroma, and some (for example, multi-layered ones) also acquired a unique, literally fantastic look.

Thanks to the luxurious collection offered by Brandbar , you can prepare a lot of unusual, sophisticated mixes. And so that no one is offended, let’s try to choose the top ten from different categories according to the IBA.

The drinks included in the list of the International Bartenders Association (we will use this list) are considered the most common and popular. In addition, their recipes, cooking methods are brought to a single standard.

Guided by this classification, cocktails are divided into 3 main groups – unforgettable, modern classics and new era drinks.


This list contains three dozen cocktails that have not lost their popularity for a long time. Among them there are many unique mixes, where one of the components is liquor.

A drink with an intriguing name that attracts attention from the first moments of its appearance – “Aviation. This wonderful recipe is over 100 years old. For it you will need gin (50 g), cherry liqueur (10 g), lemon juice (15 g), ice (300 g). All components must be placed in a shaker, gently shaken, filtered and poured into a pre-chilled beautiful, always transparent vessel.

Another attractive mix has an equally interesting name – “White Lady”. Another attractive assortment has an equally interesting name – “White Lady” . Its composition: 40 g of gin, 30 g of Cointreau, 20 g of lemon juice. Crushed ice is poured into the shaker and then the rest of the ingredients are going as well. Everything is thoroughly mixed and filtered through a special strainer into a martini glass.

Traditional gin, apricot liqueur and orange fresh are ideally combined in the amazing Paradis in the ratio of 35 ml / 20 ml / 15 ml.

It is also prepared using the shake method with the indispensable use of ice. It is whipped for 10-12 seconds, and then filtered and sent to a cold glass.

Modern classic

This series brings together phenomenal blends that appeared not so long ago, but managed to become very popular. One of them is the incomparable Kir . There are only two elements in the recipe – dry white wine (200 g) and blackcurrant liqueur (30 g).

It is done simply and very quickly. Firstly, Blackcurrant goes onto the bottom of the container, then wine is poured on top. You can mix everything with a bar spoon. Many people prefer to use champagne instead of wine, but that’s another story.

The most expensive cocktail is Mai Tai , made in Irish Belfast at the Merchant Hotel. Its cost is more than 1000 dollars. The original recipe uses rum that has been aged for 17 years. It is said that only 6 of these bottles remain in the world.

According to the IBA version, a rather strong, but unusually tasty liquid looks like this:

  • light rum – 40 ml;
  • dark rum – 20 ml;
  • orange liqueur – 15 ml;
  • almond syrup – 15 ml;
  • lime juice – 10 ml.

One of the most popular is “Margarita” . It is prepared using a shake method based on tequila (35 g) with the addition of Cointreau (20 g) and lime fresh (15 g).

New era drinks

The most famous alcoholic product of this series is “B-52” . It consists of three different liqueurs, which are taken in equal proportions. First, coffee is poured, followed by creamy, strong orange on top.

Curious novelties are 3 varieties of “Martini” – French, espresso and a drop of lemon. Ingredients for the first – vodka (45 g), raspberry liqueur (15 g), pineapple juice (15 g). Mix everything in a shaker. Serve in a chilled goblet with stylish shapes.

The second – the mixing method is the same, but the components, except for vodka (60 g), are completely different. These are coffee liqueur (15 g), cold espresso coffee (30 g) and sugar syrup (15 g).

Third – vodka (35 g), Triple Sec (20 g), fresh lemon (15 g) are thoroughly mixed in a shaker.

You can prepare the most popular mixes using the magnificent products of our company. “Brandbar” is always the best quality + excellent product range . Do-it-yourself cocktails created from it are both a unique gift and the highest form of hospitality.

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