“Jack Daniels” has a strong character and a special taste

40-50%. Some varieties may have a strength of 60 degrees.

The color range ranges from dark tones of brown to gorgeous amber and sunny straw. The taste palette also has an amazing range of shades – from sharp, rich to soft sweetish. Enriches the drink and a stunning bouquet of aromas.

The raw material base for elite products is mainly cereals. It can be barley, wheat, corn, rye, even buckwheat. The classification of drinks depends on the method of production and raw materials. There is malt whiskey, grain and blended.

A bit of history

Experts, of course, consider products of Scottish and Irish famous brands to be classics of the “genre”. But American whiskey is very popular among admirers of elite alcohol. The title of one of the best initially in its homeland in the United States, and over time throughout the world, was won by products manufactured at the enterprises of Jack Daniels.

Turning to history, you can find out that the beginning of the triumphal procession of whiskey under the Jack Daniels trademark was laid back in 1866. It was then that a young, enterprising boy, Jack Daniels, acquired a piece of land located in the state of Tennessee near the town of Lynchburg. The area was attractive because there was a unique spring with water, which was naturally filtered by limestone.

The founder of the brand was, although young, but a specialist who knew a lot about the distillation of grain alcohol. He became an apprentice at a distillery when he was only seven years old. Already at the age of 14, Jasper developed his own distillation apparatus.

For sale, the first products were poured into jugs and small kegs. Over time, the production of glass bottles with an original square shape was established. They were issued with green labels. But after the death of the head of the company, Jack Daniels, they were changed to black. Since then, the design of the container has not changed much. But the content is gaining more and more value, new admirers and fans around the world.

Refinement of taste in every form

The world-famous whiskey is produced in several types. And the incomparable taste is present in every drop of this elite alcohol. The most popular, however, is “Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7”. It can also be called the most titled spirit of the legendary brand. Delicate notes of vanilla, sweet caramel, dried fruits shrouded in smoke sound in a rich, at the same time elegant taste.

Enveloping, memorable for a long time and sweetish with hints of expensive tobacco, figs and caramel intoxicating aroma. And the amber color with a golden tint attracts the eye, bewitching with its unusual warmth. The finish is long, sweetish, complemented by oak nuances.

The next representative of the exquisite line of alcohol is Gentleman Jack. Its uniqueness lies not only in the special spring water, but also in the way it is filtered. Alcohol undergoes this process twice. The filter is maple charcoal, prepared using a special technology.

In “Gentleman Jack” several refined tones are combined into a single soft flavor bouquet. Smoked paprika, cinnamon, maple syrup, caramel, and other shades are felt here, while there is absolutely no alcohol content. The ensemble is complemented by aromas of oak, nuts and citrus.

The strength of “Old No. 7” and “Gentleman Jack” reaches 40%. If you want to experience a more spicy experience, gourmets can try 50% “Sinatra Century”. Its taste is dominated by hints of vanilla. But in 50% of “150th Anniversary” walnut with caramel prevails. The nobility and elegance of these premium drinks will satisfy the needs of the most ardent whiskey connoisseurs.

“Set of rules”

Admirers of elite alcohol argue that drinking whiskey requires a special ritual. To feel all the charm of an extraordinary potion, you must follow certain rules. They prescribe what the shape of the glass should be, the temperature of the whiskey when serving, what snacks can be, or you can do without them altogether.

An important factor is the environment in which the action will take place. The best allies of whiskey, according to many connoisseurs, are silence, twilight and unhurried conversation. As an appetizer, a good cigar. The ideal temperature for an elite drink is + 18-20 degrees. The preferred container is a glass with a thick bottom. But some gourmets like to savor the magic potion from small glasses with thin stems or from wine glasses.

If you still cannot do without snacks, then Jack Daniels, according to connoisseurs, will go well with a grilled steak. Cheese is considered a win-win. To determine which one is right, it is better to prepare several options. Cheddar, Brie, Gruyere cuts will satisfy the needs of all guests. Cheeses can be supplemented with crackers, nuts, dried fruits.

Whiskey “Jack Daniels” Brandbar – the perfect choice for sincere company and good mood.

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