How to serve and drink sambuca

Special exquisite sweetness, pronounced anise flavor, seasoned with fragrant fireworks of herbs infused with high-quality alcohol – these are the main characteristics of the drink loved by many. We are talking about the inimitable sambuca, which owes its appearance to the temperamental and tireless Italians.

Extreme simplicity

But you can feel all the magical qualities of a unique liquor only when it is served and drunk correctly. The easiest way is to use it in its pure form. Experts believe that 40-50 ml of fabulous sambuca is an excellent aperitif that increases appetite. A glass filled with a pre-chilled aromatic liquor is drunk, as a rule, in one gulp.

In the same quantity, an exquisite alcoholic product will be a wonderful digestif. If you drink it after a meal, it improves digestive processes, improves mood and has virtually no negative effects.

The second simple way is to use sambuca with ice and water. This will require 50 ml of drink, a few ice cubes and 100-150 ml of pure water. Since an extraordinary product contains a decent amount of essential oils, the mix must necessarily become cloudy, acquiring a whitish tint.

Interesting classic

Another classic option is sambuca “with flies”. The role of “flies”, as a rule, is assigned to coffee beans. Such a serving in Italy, which is considered the birthplace of anise liqueur, now popular all over the world, is perceived as a kind of ritual. Important elements, except, of course, the sambuca itself, are three coffee beans here, symbolizing wealth, health and happiness.

Preparing such a drink is quite simple. “Wealth, health, happiness” are placed at the bottom of the container and filled with cold sambuca. Then, the magic elixir is drunk and immediately snacked alternately, languishing at the bottom of the pile, symbols.

Some bartenders, in order to make it easier for the client (it can be very difficult to crack the coffee beans), but to give the drink a coffee aroma and shade, they replace them with the appropriate liquor.

“Playing with fire” or “fire show”

Sambuca is a real find for lovers of spectacular serving. Burning with a bluish flame, the drink is very popular at club parties. But its preparation in such a fiery form is best left to professionals.

Of course, you can also experiment in your home bar. Only to approach such an extravagant method of filing should be done with extreme caution. First of all, you need to choose the right container. You will need a thick-walled stack, as the thin glass may not be able to handle the heat. The fragrant, longed-for liquid is set on fire and remains in this state for about 10 seconds. Then it is stewed and drunk. “A blazing pile” is an enchanting and unforgettable sight.

You can also prepare two items – a special glass, called a snifter among the bar brethren, and a glass called rocks. In this case, the sambuca is set on fire in the first one, and the already burning one is poured into another container and covered with the empty one. When the fire goes out, the glass is turned over onto a pre-prepared napkin with a tube stuck in there and bent. The magic elixir is drunk, and then the vapors remaining in the snifter are inhaled through the tube.

Pour should be the minimum – 40-50 grams. Such a volume of heated liquid is easy to drink. It is one sip, which in this case is exactly what is required. In addition to the entertainment and originality of this method, the useful properties of a unique potion are revealed. Experts say that in this form, anise liqueur is an excellent alternative to medicines for colds.

Amazing couple

Another interesting option is the combination of a popular alcoholic product with coffee. The ideal couple, according to the same Italians, is sambuca and espresso in a ratio of 1:4. The sweetish taste and anise notes will add an incredibly pleasant sensation to the coffee. In turn, fragrant, fragrant coffee helps to reveal the unique properties of the sambuca itself.

An important condition for any serving is the quality of sambuca. “Brandbar” offers a great couple – “Ibiza” and “Zako”. They, as well as possible, will help to feel all the sophistication and charm of a great drink. The main thing is not to overdo it. Then no hangover can spoil the indelible impressions received from acquaintance with the most popular alcohol.

Instead of an afterword

Even when sambuca plays the role of an aperitif, the stomach should not be left empty. This alcohol should be eaten tightly. An excellent option for this role can be meat and cheese cuts, olives, various pickles, seafood. A great option is to drink sambuca with cold milk. Many connoisseurs of this “fiery” drink prefer this way of drinking it.

And if sambuca is prepared for a noisy and bright party, it should be served with dark chocolate, natural marmalade and sweet desserts.

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