The strongest cocktails

The range of drinks with a solid fortress is quite extensive. Different in composition, alcohol base, taste, aroma, they have one common feature – a high alcohol content. In some, its amount reaches a maximum – 96%. Therefore, when choosing what to drink, one should remember such a rule as moderate consumption of alcoholic products. And this is especially true for those with an increased degree.

Initially, it was customary to use hot potions in their pure form. But with the advent of such a category of drinks as cocktails, mixing several types of alcohol in one glass has become a very popular activity. The fortress from such a process practically does not change, but the taste becomes completely different, acquiring unique and inimitable shades.

Flying extreme

One of the extremely strong is considered a cocktail with a very exotic name “River of Blood”. Its degree goes quite far, as for this category of drinks, and is, at times, more than 53%. A couple of glasses of such extraordinary mixes can knock even the most experienced bar frequenter down.

But it is quite easy to cook it even at home. It is enough to mix in one container “Stroh 80” – Austrian spiced rum, silver tequila and vodka in a ratio of 30/30/30 ml. It is recommended to do this in a shaker, adding pieces of ice there.

After mixing the ingredients well, the delicious liquid, which has acquired a red color and resembles blood, is poured into the prepared glass. The combination of components that have a bright taste and a serious degree creates a truly stunning (both literally and figuratively) bouquet, complemented by a sharp herbal aroma.

Famous Bond Girlfriend

The recipe for the no less original Vesper mix appeared thanks to the textbook character of Ian Fleming, handsome and part-time superhero – James Bond. Its composition was described in detail in the novel Casino Royale, and then voiced in the film of the same name.

The creator of the exquisite drink was “agent 007” himself. And he was named by him in honor of his girlfriend and colleague Vesper Lind. A gourmet and connoisseur of elite alcohol, Bond included vodka, gin and vermouth in the cocktail.

The original 47.5% strength potion called “Green Vesper” is an improved version of the popular mix. The already unusual taste union was enhanced here by the inimitable absinthe. What came out of it, everyone can try. The recipe looks like this:

vodka – 30 ml;

gin – 40 ml;

absinthe – 15 ml.

It was thanks to Vesper that the famous phrase appeared: “Shake, not mix.” The trick is that all the ingredients are collected in a shaker filled with ice, and then they are shaken well. With the skillful use of bar equipment, the process lasts only 30 seconds. The output is a translucent aromatic liquid, which, after several servings, will “untie the tongue” of anyone.

Legendary “Sazerac”

Among the inimitable collection of super-strong cocktails, there is something to regale cognac lovers as well. The basis of the amazing Sazerac mix is precisely this exquisite strong alcohol. Although in the history of the incomparable drink there are pages where rye or corn whiskey, that is, bourbon, played the main role.

Classical, nevertheless, is the recipe reflected in the special reference book of the International Association of Bartenders. To create a sophisticated, refined potion, you will need:

cognac (whiskey) – 50 ml;

absinthe – 10 ml;

Pisho bitter – 2 drops;

sugar – 1 piece;


The cooking procedure resembles a certain ritual, although it is, at the same time, quite simple. First, you need to prepare a container, ideally an old fashion glass, into which absinthe is poured. The glass must be gently twisted so that the fragrant liquid can cover all its walls. You can pour ice cubes into it and pour the same absinthe there, mix the contents well.

The next step – in another, pre-chilled container, you need to put a piece of refined sugar, pour over with bitters and gently knead the sugar with muddler. Then you should fill the glass with ice cubes and pour cognac on them. The splendor, fragrant with completely unique aromas, is carefully mixed, filtered and poured into the first glass, where the “green fairy” was languishing in anticipation of the meeting.

The list of extremely strong cocktails can be continued for a long time. Having decided to try at least one of them, experts advise using only high-quality components. All the ingredients for making high-grade mixes can be easily found in our luxurious assortment. Moreover, Brandbar is responsible not only for the variety of exquisite alcoholic products, but also for its excellent quality.

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