Variations on the theme of chocolate

A sunny, fragrant, colorful little bird flashed by, ran by, sped by. Autumn has come, which slowly envelops the mornings in a gray, lingering fog, and the evenings in starry coolness. More and more often you want to wrap yourself in a warm fluffy blanket, sit in your favorite chair, pick up a good book and immerse yourself in a pleasant reading.
A traditional companion in such a company is usually hot tea or aromatic coffee. But there is one more product that has also come to the taste of experienced experts in the preparation of such goodies. We are talking about hot chocolate. And if you season it with other, stronger ingredients, you can forget about the blanket.
Attractive simplicity
It is very easy to prepare a magical drink if you use, for example, chocolate, caramel and rum. Such a trio will not only warm you in any cold weather, but also fill you with cheerful mood and optimism. To do this, you need to boil 150 ml of milk and, after removing it from the heat, add 50 g of milk chocolate. Next, you should thoroughly mix the mixture until it becomes uniform and the chocolate melts completely.
The next stage is the addition of 2 tsp. caramel and 25 ml of rum. But before that, it is better to mix caramel and rum well. A pinch of salt added to this mix by connoisseurs of exclusive tastes can add originality to an exquisite, extraordinary drink.
The last preparations are also very simple. You need to put the container with the magical mixture on the fire and heat it up again. But the main thing is not to overheat, but to reach the state where the hot chocolate will taste the most. Pouring the drink into your favorite mug, you can enjoy life, thanking God and our protectors for such happy moments.
In order for the hoppy drink to be more expressive and unique, it is necessary to choose the highest quality ingredients. A wonderful collection of elite alcohol, including rum, is offered by the Brandbar company. The selection consists exclusively of drinks from well-known producers who have considerable experience in the production of such products, a high reputation and considerable popularity.
Caramel extravaganza
As for caramel, there is an amazing way to always have such deliciousness at home. It turns out that it is quite easy to prepare it yourself. For this you will need 1 cup of sugar and 4 cups of milk. They are combined, sugar is mixed and literally a pinch of ordinary baking soda is added. To be precise, 1/6 teaspoon.
The mass is brought to a boil over medium heat. So that it does not burn, you need to constantly stir. And you should also take care of the dishes in which the caramel will be prepared. It is better if the pan has a thick or multi-layered bottom.
When the boiling process begins, the fire must be made very small. A mandatory rule is to carefully stir the mass from time to time. Sweet, chewy, golden brown caramel, which is exactly how it should be, will be ready in about an hour.
White miracle
You can surprise your guests with another wonderful drink that has a rich taste and an incredible aroma. If you are cooking for a company, you will need 1.5 liters of milk, to which 300 g of white chocolate is added and pre-ground 3 sticks of cinnamon, 6 buds of cloves and 0.5 tsp. nutmeg. This wonderful company will also be complemented by oranges – 3 pcs.
Stirring constantly, the colorful mixture should be brought to a boil. The fire should be slow. When the aromatic mass reaches its condition, it should be filtered and reheated well. Before serving, the mass is whipped with a whisk or a special milk frother.
The bouquet will become more complete if you add orange liqueur to it. Rich taste, thick, viscous consistency, subtle bitterness with a slight hint of alcohol – this is what characterizes citrus liqueurs of the Brandbar company. There are several of them. It is better to choose according to your personal taste.
An incomplete tablespoon of liqueur is added directly to the glass. The container must be heat-resistant, because a hot snow-white miracle is poured into it, which impresses not only with taste, but also with an incomparable aroma.
Whipped cream placed on top of the drink will enhance the taste sophistication. In addition to them, marshmallows, orange peel or grated dark chocolate, which are used to crush the cream, will make a good company for the exquisite composition.
It is advisable to taste the drink immediately after preparation. This is the best opportunity to immerse yourself in incredible pleasure and distract yourself from important matters and thoughts at least for a while. White hot chocolate combined with orange liqueur and cream is a real miracle that will satisfy the desires of the most demanding connoisseurs of hot mixes.
An expressive duet
The combination of milk and bitter chocolate in one drink also impresses with its extraordinary taste. Preparation will not take much time, and the pleasure of the taste of a beautiful cocktail will exceed all expectations. Well, the first thing you need to do is mix cocoa – ¼ cup with 1 cup of sugar and a pinch of salt.
The next step is to add 110 g each of milk and dark chocolate. Next, gradually pour in 3 glasses of milk, heat the mixture until it reaches a uniform consistency. 120 ml of tequila will best complement this picture. It is added to the finished drink and the magical drink is poured into a mug.
Without unnecessary movements
Of course, hot chocolate is used everywhere even without the content of “Krypkenko”. The delicious sweet astringent nectar is said by its connoisseurs to energize and lift the mood. It is very easy to prepare.
You will need 120 g of dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, which reaches 70%, and 500 ml of regular milk. When the milk boils a little, chocolate, chopped into small pieces, is added there.
To make the drink thick enough, mix a small amount of milk with 1 tsp. flour or starch, and mix with the milk-chocolate mixture. Sugar is added to taste. In the classic recipe, 2 tbsp is used for this amount of ingredients. l.
You can also prepare a fragrant delicacy with the addition of cocoa. For one mug, you will need 5 teaspoons of it, which are mixed with 1 tbsp. l. sugar and a small amount of milk. Having reached a homogeneous consistency, the fragrant mixture is added to the rest of the milk – this is 150 ml, which is previously brought to a boil. The future elixir of a good mood is boiled for a couple more minutes, supplemented with a piece of butter and spices, such as cinnamon, and enjoyed its incredible taste.
In whatever form hot chocolate reaches our table, it will certainly fulfill its important mission. And Brandbar will always help to make such a magical trunk even more complete and incomparable.

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