From the humble beginning

he Brandbar company is one of the leading producers of elite alcohol in Ukraine. The history of the company has more than 20 years.

In 2001, as a result of a business trip to Austria and negotiations with specialists from the Esarom company, a decision was made to jointly produce a strong alcoholic drink – absinthe. The high level of technology, the presence of a raw material base in the Austrian Alps, the geographical location near Switzerland, the birthplace of absinthe, made it possible to create a 19th century absinthe recipe, called “Absinthe Vincent” in honor of the great admirer of the drink – Vincent van Gogh.

In 2003, the company began producing red absinthe Rouge with a very interesting flavor range.

In 2005, according to its own developed technical specifications, for the first time in Ukraine, the Brendbar company began production of absinthe with 70% alcohol content. Traditionally named Vincent Premium and Vincent Elite. Then the company expanded its assortment with another cocktail drink – sambuca, and in 2008 the legendary drink – gin – was added to the collection.

In 2011, the company launched a line of liqueurs under TM Brandbar on the market.

The Brandbar company is engaged in the production of alcohol mainly for the HoReCa service sector. The following brands are produced on the automated lines of Gorobyna LLC in Sumy under TM Brandbar: Ostrich vodka, Vincent absinthe, Vincent premium absinthe, Ibiza sambuca, Zako sambuca, Trafalgar gin, gin De La Bo, Rothwild tincture, Brandbar liqueurs and Brandbar syrups. In total, there are about 80 positions in the product range.

The experience accumulated over the years allows the company to provide consistently high quality products based on the use of exclusively natural raw materials.

In the production of TM “Brandbar” products, water is used, which passes through sand and coal columns and a filter. With the help of a reverse osmosis system, the composition of the water is adjusted.

For the production of beverages, the best grain alcohols of domestic production are used.

Aromatic spirits and infusions are prepared directly at the factory, for which only natural ingredients are purchased: oak bark, honey, star anise, cardamom, coriander, etc.

Ensuring high quality through the use of natural ingredients is the main principle of the Brandbar company. The company imports all components for the production of its products from various parts of the world. For example, star anise is from Southeast Asia, cocoa beans that are used to make liqueurs are from Côte d’Ivoire, Bourbon vanilla is from Madagascar, Peach and Melon fruits are from Tajikistan, and strawberry, blackcurrant and cherry juices are from Italy. High-quality raw materials and modern equipment under the guidance of a team of professionals made it possible to bring every production stage to perfection, which is the key to the successful operation of the plant and that is why the products created at the plant have such an original and unique taste.

The company pays special attention to product quality. Control covers all stages of production, from the receipt of raw materials to the release of finished products.

Confirmation of the high quality of Brandbar products are the assessments of independent international experts. Among them is ISO 9001 certification.

The company’s products have been repeatedly awarded with numerous Ukrainian and international awards, and thanks to the stable quality and original recipes of the drinks produced, the company occupies a stable position in the market of alcoholic beverages in Ukraine.

Own production & distribution

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