TOP 5 Brandbar liqueurs for bartenders (Triple sec, Pisan, Via Late, Curacao, Peach)

(Triple sec, Pisan, Via Late, Curacao, Peach)

One of the essential criteria for a good bar is certainly a decent range of drinks. They should have different strengths, taste characteristics, aromatic properties and colors. After all, each visitor has their own preferences. And the more choice is offered to customers, the more likely it is to satisfy their requests as much as possible.

Our company is always ready to help in the selection of alcoholic products of various lines. Excellent liqueurs from Brandbar are very popular among a huge number of species. If we talk about the most-most, then we can name the TOP-5 unique potions of this category. These are, of course, Triple Sec, Pisan, Via Lattea, Curacao and Peach.

Sophisticated strengths

Triple sec liqueur is considered to be one of the most demanded drinks among the elite alcohol of any bar. It has a different strength (from 15 to 40%), an absolutely magical sweetish taste with rich citrus tones, and an exquisite aromatic palette. It was created a couple of centuries ago by a certain J.-B. Combier, who lived in the small French town of Saumur.

Over time, thanks to its unique qualities, it won worldwide recognition and well-deserved fame. Many leading brands are now engaged in its release. Brandbar also offers a special quality liquor. It is made from the best high quality raw materials, contains 40% alcohol, has a balanced taste, and an incredible orange-lemon aromatic bouquet.

As an independent alcohol, it is rarely used among modern lovers to raise the degree of mood through alcoholic drinks. Although such a potion is quite suitable for improving digestion. A stack or two after a meal will help to assimilate any abundance of food.

Triple Sec is just great as one of the ingredients in many mixes. You can’t do without it in the preparation of an exquisite Margarita, the legendary B-52, the magical Cosmopolitan, and many other popular cocktails.

Tropical paradise

“Pisang” – this is the name given to the wonderful potion, which has the most delicate flavor bouquet, the aroma of tropical fruits and delicious herbs. Banana notes occupy a special place here, since this particular fruit is the main ingredient in this product.

Brandbar uses only selected fruits in the production of Pisan liqueur, which are infused with high-quality alcohol. Other components include artesian water, purified from all kinds of impurities, high-quality sugar syrup, and other natural, natural ingredients. The bright green drink has a 20% strength, delicate, soft banana flavor and aroma.

“Pisang” goes well with strong alcoholic products, such as rum, vodka, absinthe and gin. Thanks to this union, interesting and colorful mixes are obtained. Among the most attractive interpretations are “Green Mexican”, “Magic Star”, “Blue Temptation”, others.

The perfection of taste

Another unsurpassed product that pleases lovers of sweet Brandbar alcohol is Via Lattea cream liqueur. It can safely be called a universal product. The drink is simply excellent, both in pure form and in combination with other ingredients.

A delightful bouquet is made up of selected cocoa beans, exceptional Irish cream and vanilla of the famous Bourbon variety. All this richness is flavored with luxury alcohol. The homogenization process used in production helps to achieve inimitable perfection.

The fragrance of cocoa and vanilla, creamy chocolate, flavored with caramel shades, is the best suited for the cocktail “Hiroshima”, “Clouds”, “B-52”, and others. A relatively small strength (only 18%) allows you to add it to your favorite coffee without negative consequences for the body.

Needs no advice

This phrase is best suited for the characteristics of Curacao liqueur. It is the most popular object in the arsenal of bar professionals. An excellent companion for many other ingredients, the drink allows you to create unique compositions that surprise with their variety.

The unusual, juicy taste of a special variety of orange, combining sour, sweet and bitter tones, natural additives in the form of fruits, berries, herbs, nuts, determine the excellent taste palette. The fabulous potion is part of many of the most famous and popular cocktails. Among them are the Blue Lagoon, Rainbow, Lamborghini, and so on.

Summer motifs

You can feel the gentle touch of summer by tasting the Peach liqueur. The main raw material base in it is the tender, juicy, sweet fruits of the peach. The exquisite products manufactured by our company are characterized by the highest quality, authentic taste and marvelous aroma.

“Lolita”, “Calypso”, “Arno”, “Woo-woo” – these are just a small part of the delightful compositions that include “Peach”. They can please the visitors of the bar, giving a piece of summer and solar heat.

Brandbar offers the widest range of liquors for bartenders. This allows each master to create great mixes, which will definitely help to create an inimitable and unique cocktail card.

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