Craft Ukrainian drinks to your table

The idea of producing craft products is not new. The very word “craft” owes its origin to the English “craft”. His translation speaks volumes. It means “skill”, “craft”. And in our understanding, craft products belong to the category of exclusive, unique, of the highest quality.

A bit of history

Various types of goods of this category are offered on the modern market. Food and drinks are especially popular. Among the first craft products, according to historians, was a drink familiar and beloved by many – beer.

It began to be produced in America at the end of the last century. A small brewery produced a natural hoppy potion in small batches using a traditional recipe. The beer was made by hand, was not pasteurized, and had a perfect range of flavors. It took very little time for the drink to gain popularity, and not only on the American continent.

After beer, consumers began to be offered excellent, unique, hand-made wines, tinctures, rum, whiskey, gin, and vodka. To understand the difference between regular and craft products, it is best to try them. Brandbar offers a wide selection of drinks in this segment.

A unique bouquet

One of the best representatives of Ukrainian craft white wines are “Rk” (Rkatsiteli), “Sb” (Sauvignon Blanc) and “Wine Idea”. The winery that produces these amazing drinks has its own vineyards in an ecologically clean zone. Natural ingredients, processing of products by the skillful hands of masters according to a unique recipe, give excellent results in the form of exclusive drinks.

The wine, as required by the production process, is bottled for aging in special barrels. They are delivered from the USA, France, Italy, other countries known for their cooperage, and well-known companies.

Despite the pronounced acidity, the taste of “Rk” (Rkatsiteli) “Wine Idea” is harmonious, balanced, the wine has a pleasant, unforgettable aftertaste. Its aroma resembles a wonderful bouquet, in which the smell of citrus, yellow plum, white flowers, duchess with notes of aging in oak barrels have merged together.

“Sb” (Sauvignon Blanc) “Wine Idea” has no less balanced, fresh and pronounced taste. The palette of smells combines the magical aromas of exotic fruits with spicy, fabulous citrus notes.

The incredible lightness of the shades is characteristic of the color palette. Dazzling transparency makes unique drinks even more unique.

Classic dry reds

In addition to extraordinary white dry wines, the talented masters of the Wine Idea winery offer a whole line of red dry craft wines. The wonderful collection includes “Odessa Black”, “Me” (Merlot), “Ka” (Cabernet), “K+M” (Cabernet + Merlot).

“Odesa Black” is rightfully recognized as one of the best wines in Ukraine. A wonderful spicy, sweet aroma with hints of blueberry and mulberry, a balanced taste will not leave the most demanding gourmet indifferent.

The velvety with shades of ripe plums, cherries, crushed poppy, the rich taste of “Me” (Merlot) also attracts attention. The beautiful ruby color of the wine is characterized by a thick aroma with an amazing range of tones of aging and red berries.

Another exclusive product in the Brandbar collection is “Ka” (Cabernet) Wine Idea. It differs from other wines by a more complex composition of aromas. There are notes of cherries, other red berries, as well as sap and aging in oak barrels. The taste is multifaceted and interesting, which is helped by the presence of tannins. Complements the bouquet of dried fruits and exquisite spices.

A charming, unique aftertaste is characteristic of craft “K + M” (Cabernet + Merlot) “Wine Idea”. Velvety tannins fill the drink with softness. Bright notes of juicy red berries can be felt in the balanced taste.

A colorful addition

Lovers of stronger alcohol will undoubtedly be impressed by the luxurious collection of tinctures offered by Brandbar. Each of the products will be a colorful addition to any table, be it a festive banquet or just traditional gatherings with friends. The main thing is to know the measure.

“Petrykivska Craft Moonshine” tincture has a distinct, picturesque aroma and, despite its high strength (40%), a mild taste. The sorceress nature herself has prepared for this drink a wonderful mineral water extracted from a well 120 meters deep.

The best, selected grain is soaked in crystal clear water, and when the brew reaches the desired condition, it is distilled twice. Exceptional quality is achieved thanks to a special mode of distillation, as well as other subtleties used in the technological process.

Skilled masters of Dnipro ABK managed to create a whole series of amazing craft tinctures. These are “Honey”, “Grain”, “Cranberry”, “With pepper”, “Classic”, many others. It is not only the exclusivity and unsurpassed quality of products that attracts. The unusual design of the bottles with the unique Petrikovsky painting make the products even more interesting.

Gastronomic tour

White dry wines can be used as an excellent complement to meat and fish dishes. A good combination will be various seafood, for example, mussels, shrimps, oysters and so on. Unsalted soft cheeses are suitable, as well as vegetables baked on the grill, any vegetable salads.

Red dry wines are perfection in terms of compatibility with appetizers. Almost any meat dishes can be served with them. Veal, poultry, game will be a great company. Jamon, smoked meat, sausages create real harmony on the table in the format of a light buffet. Vegetarians can eat grilled vegetables, washed down with excellent craft “K + M” (Cabernet + Merlot) “Wine Idea”.

The list of dishes that go well with strong tinctures will not disappoint even the most picky foodie. There are really no strict, special food restrictions. But still, it is worth listening to some advice from experts. So, berry and bitter tinctures are better to taste with hot dishes, and herbal, on the contrary, with cold ones. Sweet liqueurs are served with dessert. They can make a great company with tea or coffee.

But the main rule is that you should choose alcohol that has high indicators. Our company understands this. The products offered by Brandbar are more diverse and of better quality.

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