New in the collection of syrups – Coffeeshop “AMSTER”

The bar industry is experiencing a real boom. Coffee houses do not lag behind their counterparts. Modern establishments compare favorably with past predecessors. Visitors are attracted not only by the special atmosphere.

Worthy of attention and admiration is the cocktail menu, the variety and exceptional quality of coffee drinks. Products for their preparation are selected very carefully and carefully.

The most important role is played by the choice of unique taste characteristics, as well as a variety of assortment. Among a number of various ingredients, syrups occupy a special niche.

The new collection presented by our company will help to significantly expand the taste spectrum of both cocktails and milk coffee drinks. This will be a real highlight of any institution.

The excellent non-alcoholic drinks offered by Coffeshop AMSTER will add something special, refined and unique to every cup of morning coffee or tea. They will take their rightful place among household supplies.

Berry Fairy

The use of berries in the production of syrups is not a new idea. Many enterprises have been preparing their products for a long time, choosing raspberries, strawberries, cherries, apricots, etc. as a raw material base.

But only elite varieties can preserve the taste and color of freshly picked fruits in the finished drink. Syrup “Strawberry Elsanta” is made from such berries. They have excellent taste characteristics, perfectly combining bright notes of sourness and delicate sweetness.

The undoubted advantage is a pleasant strawberry aroma, juicy pulp and rich red color of delicious fruits. Variety “Elsanta” is rightfully considered the standard among the strawberry guard. And all his incredible qualities are skillfully combined in a magical elixir.

“Raspberry Maravilla” is another product that has an extraordinary taste and fabulous fragrance. In its production, one of the trendy varieties is also used, but already raspberries, which have the name Driscoll Maravilla.

Thanks to extraordinary raw materials and modern technologies, the drink received spicy, coniferous notes characteristic of wild berries. Barely perceptible vanilla tones can be traced in it.

The syrup with the aristocratic name Cherry Prince Albert has no less noble taste. An expressive, full, harmonious flavor and aroma bouquet makes the drink versatile, easily complementing any mix, coffee or tea.

Actually, all syrups with a berry base will help in creating great milk coffee compositions, magic teas. Many cocktails will be much more interesting and richer if they include such bright and refined components in their composition.

Unbelievable exotic

Under this heading, it is quite possible to present the following products from the new collection of syrups offered by Brandbar. “Cannabis”, “Anchan”, “Match” – this is a far from complete list of not only exclusive names. All of them have a unique flavor range. The unique palette and versatility of herbal ingredients are revealed through the use of special technologies. They make syrups from cannabis, Japanese green tea “matcha”, its Thai counterpart “anchan”, simply inimitable.

The consonance of shades present in the Spicy Pumpkin syrup is considered an icon of taste among exotic lovers. It was created just a few years ago, but has already become a real favorite. Latte, cappuccino, flat white, raf, and other milky coffee treats make up an unforgettable, intoxicating bouquet with Spicy Pumpkin. Cheeses, sausages, pastries, and alcoholic beverages are created with this taste.

For the sake of tradition

The collection also included traditional non-alcoholic products, which have long become favorite additions to milk and coffee drinks. Vanilla syrup can be called a real pearl.

Its basis is the world’s best Bourbon vanilla, which arrived from Madagascar itself. The rich, intense aroma will give you a real pleasure and will forever change the idea of ​​vanilla syrups as something simple and banal.

“Black Chocolate” is another syrup that is especially popular. The high cocoa content – as much as 86%, makes the product very concentrated, with an intense, rich taste.

The new collection includes a whole range of other syrups, each of which will add bright colors and fresh, unexpected, unforgettable taste sensations.

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