Triple Sec – King of Orange Liqueurs

“Triple dry” or “Triple Sec” is the name of a drink that belongs to a wonderful line of “magic potions” called orange liqueurs. Many eminent manufacturers are engaged in its production, whose products are very popular all over the world. An excellent quality product is offered to lovers of sweet alcohol by our company Brandbar.


Despite the amazing citrus aroma and pleasant sweetness, “Triple Sec” Branbar can be attributed to the group of strong alcoholic products. The alcohol content in it reaches 40%. And this, you see, is quite a lot.

But the peculiar alcoholic bitterness is practically not felt. It is completely absorbed by the irresistible fruity component. After all, to create a perfect bouquet, only the natural zest of selected ripe fruits, maximally saturated with essential oils, is used.

Another feature of this amazing drink is that in addition to the usual maceration, that is, infusion, distillation or distillation, as this process is also called, is also involved in the production. In Triple Sec, the infusion is triple distilled.

A fairy potion is filled with a light sweetness thanks to the addition of sugar. This combination of components results in a slightly rough and oily body, harmonious, balanced taste, transparent, crystal clear color.

How to drink and with what

The use of liquor in its pure form cannot be considered bad manners. On the contrary, enjoying the warming aftertaste is considered a very pleasant experience. And according to experts, the magic elixir promotes digestion and acts as an excellent digestif.

But, nevertheless, drinks are in the lead, where the exquisite Triple Sec is one of the exceptional elements of a luxurious bouquet. Its fragrant citrus notes and spicy orange flavor are an indispensable component of a huge number of magnificent compositions.

Therefore, it can rightly be called the “most cocktail” liquor, a real favorite and king. Most mixes where Triple Sec is one of the ingredients are on the list of the International Bartenders Association.


“Divine Wind” is the name of the killer cocktail in Japanese. The history of its creation is shrouded in mystery. According to one version, he first appeared in a bar at an American military base in Japan and was named after Japanese kamikaze pilots. Sacrificing their lives, they rushed their planes to US Navy ships during World War II and died in an unequal battle.

The second story is connected with a bartender working in one of the entertainment establishments in Boston. He was a fan of experimentation and one day he decided to slightly modify the drink, where vodka and lime were originally present, adding aromatics and sweets in the form of Triple Sec.

The result was the now most popular cocktail with the expressive name “Kamikaze”. The recipe is pretty simple. It is necessary to mix vodka, lime or lemon juice (freshly squeezed) and our liquor in a shaker with ice. All ingredients come in equal quantities.

The shaker is thoroughly shaken for 15 seconds, and then its contents are filtered through a bar strainer. The serving of the drink in a special cocktail glass, decorated with a slice of the same lime (lemon), looks beautiful.


The next stellar mix, brightly performing on the international bar scene, can be called the Cosmopolitan cocktail. His appearance is also surrounded by legends. And it also features Triple Sec.

It was invented, allegedly, at the beginning of the last century. Has undergone many changes, has several variations. For some time it was forgotten, but again began to shine, thanks to the idol of millions of viewers – the stunning Madonna. At one of the Grammy award ceremonies, held in the late 90s, the famous diva savored Cosmopolitan in the Rainbow Room bar. At that very moment, a reporter from the Associated Press photographed her.

The pictures got into the media and colleagues began to pester the cocktail guru – bartender Dale Grof, what exactly the prima donna was drinking at that time. Dale shared the recipe and thus “Cosmo” went to all the bars of the world, thus regaining its former glory.

Its composition:

1 part Triple Sec liqueur;

2 parts citrus vodka;

0.5 parts freshly squeezed lime juice;

2.5 parts fresh cranberry juice

Pour all ingredients into a shaker with ice, shake well and strain into a pretty cocktail glass.

Triple Sec takes an active part in the creation of numerous other mixes. This list includes “Japanese shoe”, “Mai Tai”, “Long Island Ice Tea”, several types of “Margarita” and other popular drinks. Therefore, Triple Sec by Brandbar will undoubtedly become a gem in the collection of any bar.

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