Syrups for cocktails or why do you need bar syrups?


Syrup is the name of a thick, sweet, often viscous, concentrated liquid of various shades that smells of pleasant aromas. In the classic version, syrup is prepared from water or juice of berries, fruits, vegetables, with the addition of spices, seasonings and sweetener. The popularity of this product, which appeared hundreds of years ago, continues to grow. Today, syrups are used in many industries.

Products of this category have acquired a special status in the bar industry. Cocktails, which include such a wonderful component, acquire a completely different taste. And non-alcoholic mixes are generally difficult to imagine without one, even two or three different syrups. They give drinks a bright, unique taste.

It is important to know

Modern technologies make it possible to produce products that have many variations. Enterprises offer products of various tastes, aromas, and colors. Ideally, all syrup ingredients should be natural. Our company also implements this policy regarding its products.
Brandbar uses the purest artesian water, juices from ripe berries, fruits, and other natural, environmentally friendly raw materials in the production of its syrups. As a sweetener, only glucose-fructose mixtures are used, and no sugar. In addition, the basis of production is advanced technology, which makes it possible to preserve the beneficial qualities of the natural ingredients of magical drinks as much as possible.

Flavor variety

A huge variety of flavors allows you to create wonderful compositions. Many of them become hits of the world collection, which are in great demand at any party, fun outing, and are included in the cocktail menu of the most popular bars, cafes, and restaurants.
All syrups can be conditionally divided into four main groups. The first one combines berry and fruit, vegetable and flower products. The second contains various nut components. The third includes both familiar and familiar spices, for example, cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, as well as pepper, lavender, cloves and others.
Many experts call the fourth quarter “dessert”. The flavors of the products of this group are reminiscent of ready-made well-known drinks, dishes, and culinary products. Among them are Tarragon, Tiramisu, Caramel, Apple Pie, and other interesting, unforgettable, desirable flavors.
Our company exclusively offers all directions, even more. A wonderful volume collection consists of the popular and known all over the world syrups “Grenadine”, “Curaçao”, “Vanilla”, “Caramel”. There are also original “Melon”, “Cucumber”, “Blackcurrant” and others.

How to choose correctly

When choosing syrups, you should take into account some of their features and, of course, their tastes. There are products without which it is difficult to imagine a modern bar. The basic set consists, as a rule, of Blue Curacao, Amaretto, Caramel, Grenadine.
Baristas cannot do without a berry and fruit arsenal. Brandbar offers an excellent assortment of syrups of this line. Lovers of aromatic, tasty drinks will be delighted by the wonderful Peach, Raspberry, Mango, as well as many other unique products.
A collection is impossible without “Chocolate” syrup. The famous “Rockefeller Shooter”, “Mint Passion”, “Snickers Milkshake” is far from a complete list of cocktails where the presence of chocolate notes is unquestionable and mandatory.

Nut motifs are also relevant in the bar industry. “Coconut”, “Almond”, “Hazelnut” syrups will make a great company in cocktails, where there is London dry gin, coffee liqueur, rum, vodka and so on. They will also serve as an excellent addition to your favorite coffee, enhancing its wonderful aroma and magical taste.

Rational use

One of the most important principles in the use of syrups when preparing cocktails is to observe the measure. Oversaturation with a sweet, concentrated ingredient can interrupt all the charm of the main components and thoroughly spoil the reputation of the created composition.
As a rule, the dosage specified in ready-made recipes has long been verified, and this allows you to complement and emphasize the taste of other components. Professional baristas try not to deviate from the traditional serving of classic mixes, not forgetting to experiment, creating new masterpieces.
Thanks to the high quality of the excellent collection of syrups from Brandbar, anyone can create a “bright” home bar and delight themselves and their guests with exquisite cocktails. Moreover, this line of drinks is perfect for both non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktails. The main thing is to know the measure, to have the ability to combine flavors and to have quality products, which are actually the syrups of our company.

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