Legendary Grenadin in 10 coctails!

The classic cocktail philosophy is quite simple. And, as you know, simplicity is the highest degree of art. It says that all in all, the ingredients of a cocktail should complement each other exquisitely and skillfully reveal each other’s tastes.
In this regard, the legendary Grenadine is a real find. Cooking magic mixes with it is a real pleasure. Moderately thick, rich, sweet, unusual ruby-colored liquid, perfectly complements any composition – be it a non-alcoholic cocktail or a mixture of various kinds of alcoholic beverages.
Brand Bar presents a syrup made from natural ingredients by the skilled craftsmen of our company. It is perfect for preparing dozens of excellent mixes. Having such a product in their collection, everyone will be able to try (without losing their head, that is, knowing the measure), the best masterpieces of the world’s cocktail assortment.
The basis of a balanced drink is the juice of the most useful pomegranate. Its components have a beneficial effect on the body. Thanks to the miraculous pomegranate concentrate, the level of “bad” cholesterol, the risk of cardiological problems, reproductive abilities, etc. can be reduced.
The world collection of cocktails with Grenadine was founded at the beginning of the last century. Among the most famous and popular are Hiroshima, Tequila Sunrise, Pelican, Martini Bounty, Burning Ferrari and many others.

Brandy Gump

You can be convinced of the extraordinary taste of cocktails with wonderful syrup by trying to cook at least one of the dozens below for yourself and your friends. And so, you can start from the simplest Brandy Gump.
One serving consists of 15 ml brandy, 30 ml lemon juice and a few drops of grenadine. Mandatory component – ice cubes. They are poured into a shaker, the rest of the ingredients are added and the contents are shaken well.

Correct delivery matters too. For this beautiful raspberry-orange color, pour the liquid into a cocktail glass and enjoy an extraordinary drink with pleasure.


But “Firefly” is drunk from a vintage glass. The ingredients are also very few. It is enough to take 60 ml of vodka, 120 ml of grapefruit juice and a couple of drops of grenadine. The components are mixed in a shaker with ice. The finished cocktail is filtered through a special bar accessory called a strainer.


The world-famous mix attracts not only with its extraordinary name. Its original appearance, decent strength, creamy herbal taste have long been appreciated by real gourmets. It is prepared in a special stack, alternately adding 20 ml of sambuca, the same amount of absinthe, no more than 10 ml of Irish cream and 5 ml of grenadine.

Sambuca is poured to the bottom, then with the help of a special spoon, absinthe and irish cream are neatly “stacked” in layers. The final touch – 5 drops of syrup must be added exclusively through a straw. The wonderful layered shot obtained as a result of such manipulations will decorate any party.


Grenadine from Brand Bar is perfect for another gourmet dessert shot. “Aravika” is also stacked in layers. In this case, 15 ml of pomegranate syrup is poured to the bottom. From above, using the same cocktail spoon, 15 ml of coffee liqueur, 15 ml of lemon juice and 15 ml of silver tequila are carefully “fitted”.

A nice addition to this bouquet is strawberries, which are attached to the edge of the stack. When the container is emptied, the fragrant strawberry will serve as a delicious snack.

Red-haired irish

This wonderful cocktail is prepared in a special cylindrical glass called collins. In such a container it is convenient to mix the volumetric amount of ingredients. The colorful mix consists of Irish whiskey (90 ml), Grenadine syrup (20 ml), lemon juice (7 ml), lime juice (7 ml). Soda water (150 ml) and ice are also added.

Wolf bite

In this cocktail, many are attracted by an interesting composition. There is absinthe (15 ml), melon liqueur (15 ml), as well as pineapple and lemon juice (15 ml each). Everything is mixed well in a shaker with ice and filtered through a strainer into a shot. 2-3 drops of grenadine are dripped on top.

This cocktail is highly demanded by lovers of creamy compositions. In a shaker shake clear cocoa liquor (30 ml), mint schnapps (30 ml), cream (60 ml) and ice. Grenadine (1 tsp) goes to the bottom of the glass, and the contents of the shaker, passed through the strainer, are poured on top.

Pink Panther

This is another mix with cream and grenadine. For it you will need 30 ml of Amaretto, 15 ml of vodka, 20 ml of strawberry syrup, 60 ml of cream and 10 ml of grenadine. All components are mixed in a shaker with ice and poured into a cocktail glass.

Martini Bounty

Those who like the exquisite taste of martini should try a great cocktail called the Martini Bounty. Its composition is: grenadine – 5 ml, 200 g of ice cubes, vodka – 20 ml, Triple Sec liquor – 10 ml, 10 ml of syrups (vanilla, coconut, sugar), cream – 20 ml, several strawberries and cocktail cherries.
Strawberries are crushed in a shaker, poured with the rest of the components.

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