Coffeeshop Amster – Amazing nearby

The variety of products called syrups offered on the modern market has dizzying consequences. The sweet, fragrant concentrated mass is now added not only to coffee, but also to pastries and desserts. Some options are perfect for meat and fish dishes. Oily cooks and friendly housewives will not be happy with the prospects that this product opens up.

But sometimes such a multitude of products leads to considerable worries. There are so many manufacturers that the buyer is often faced with the question of which company’s product is better to choose. Here it is worth paying attention to the luxurious Brandbar collection, which will easily satisfy the demands of the most demanding gourmet. It’s truly amazing to be around.

All products of this line are prepared exclusively from natural ingredients. In order to preserve the useful components of raw materials as much as possible, methods of its processing are constantly being improved. In addition, new technologies are introduced, even more interesting recipes are developed.
But there are products in the collection that have special characteristics. Among them are the products of Coffeshop “Amster”. The highest quality, rich taste, unique aroma, affordable price – this is a minimal list of advantages.

Taste and aroma

If we talk about the variety of tastes, then Coffeshop “Amster” offers both ordinary, sweet, tart nectars familiar to everyone, as well as the most exquisite ones. The names speak for themselves. Exotic “Thai Melon”, “Munich mulled wine”, “Provencal lavender”, “Madagascar vanilla” keep, as it were, some kind of mystery. In fact, they are characterized by a wonderful taste that fully corresponds to the mentioned names.

There is something to diversify the coffee already familiar and respected by many or to add a delicious dessert for lovers of nut shades. Almond Marzipan or Roasted Hazelnut syrups are perfect for this.

Another product from Coffeshop “Amster” – “Maraskin cherry – almond” is perfectly combined with the invigorating drink, its exquisite taste and fragrant aroma. Coconut notes are considered a classic combination. Anyone who tries to add “Coconut Indonesian” syrup to coffee will be able to verify this.

Many are attracted by berry motifs. And here there is something to please connoisseurs of sophistication. “Strawberry Elsanta”, “Raspberry Maraville”, “Cherry Prince Albert” are excellent nectars. They have a priceless gift of nature – ripe, selected berries, which skillful craftsmen turned into a real miracle. Thanks to such magical syrups, you can experiment with confectionery, cocktails, other dishes as much as your heart desires.

A little practice

If there is no time to conduct experiments, you can use ready-made recipes. At least take cocktails. The presence of such an ingredient as syrup is shown in mixes of any strength. For lovers of strong drinks, you can try to prepare a very simple to create, but strong and tasty Frambueza shot.

Only three ingredients: Marvilla Raspberry Syrup (20 ml), white rum (30 ml) and one fresh raspberry. You will need a small glass into which the syrup is first poured. Then the raspberries are carefully laid out. The next step is to carefully lay a layer of rum with the help of a cocktail spoon.

Milkshakes have a special place among non-alcoholic beverages. It is appropriate to use almost any syrups – berry, fruit, chocolate, etc. The classic recipe is also quite simple. One portion requires milk (200 ml), ice cream (80-100 g), ice (4-5 k.). Syrup (3 tablespoons) can be chosen to taste. All the ingredients are combined in a blender and the “heavenly delight” is ready.

There are many simple and affordable recipes. The main thing is to buy high-quality, rich, aromatic syrups. The wonderful “Amster” Coffeshop collection from the Brandbar company gives everyone an extraordinary opportunity to find their taste.

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