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Syrup “Black Chocolate” 0,5l (Coffeeshop Amster)

Ordinary chocolate syrups contain little cocoa and are overly sweet, while we offer a rich dark chocolate syrup with a

Syrup “Pecan salted caramel” 0,5l (Coffeeshop Amster)

Pecan is an American nut that has become extremely popular not only in the United States, but throughout the world,

Сироп Raspberry Maravilla (Малина Маравілл) 0,5 л (Coffeeshop Amster)

Raspberry is one of the most popular European berries, and one of the best raspberry varieties in the world grows

Syrup “Madagascar Vanilla” 0,5l (Coffeeshop Amster)

Vanilla syrups are one of the most popular additions to coffee drinks, in our case we made not just “vanilla

Syrup “Strawberry Elsanta” 0,5l (Coffeeshop Amster)

Fresh strawberries are a favorite national delicacy, so we chose exactly the sort of strawberries that would be able to